Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today is my Blogiversary!

I was so excited. I had planned to do a contest for my blogiversary... and then I was unemployed, and not by choice. I still may do one this month, maybe give away a set of my stitch markers. What should the contest be? Anyone have any ideas for me? I'll listen to any and all ideas... if I pick yours, you'll get a couple extra entries!!

I got a lovely surprise package from JavaNut. She is my cyber friend from Cali that I know through the She-Knits podcast. It's like one of the best out there... in my opinion!! She sent me a bunch of recycled Sari Silk(gonna make a bag I think), 1/2 skein of Malabrigo, and some lace yarn. She also sent some cotton, chocolate and tea!! I felt so loved that day. I really needed that pick me up. Maybe someday i can return the favor to her. She deserves it so much!

Here is what I made with the Malabrigo, at the suggestion of Java:

fetching 2

It is a gorgeous teal color and if I do move up to northern NY, then they will come in handy this fall. it was my first project using Malabrigo, Magic Loop and cables... I loved the yarn, the magic loop and the cables were a bit annoying(it gets so tight!)... and I will NOT be diving into socks anytime soon. Too much. But people sure do make great socks! :)

Well, put down your ideas for a contest and we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll do one anyway... the markers are small enough that it's not too expensive to ship! :)