Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Wow! Has it been a month since I posted!?!?!? YIKES!! I have all these pictures and stories and I keep thinking, "I gotta blog"... and I forget or too long goes by and I don't think it's important anymore... but I guess we'll see. I will try harder to blog about my stuff. But

Merry Christmas
from Puerto Rico!!

It's a little hard to tell its Christmas down here... just some Christmas lights around and people saying happy holidays... or Feliz Navidad! 2 of the roommates are working and the other is off, so we might hit the beach... the beach on Christmas... that I like.

But there is a small(very very small) part of me that misses a snowy Christmas. As much I don't like the cold, snow on Christmas is a very magical thing.

On another note, my mom is trying to travel standby to see me... and it's proving to be challenging. We knew it was going to be, but not this much. So send out some happy travel thoughts for my mom in Minneapolis... it'd be good to see her. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

so I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but the internet is disgustingly slow here, so it might have to wait until I get to work.... but I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are and whoever you might be with.

To all my Family: I miss you dearly on the holidays... you are such a huge part of my life. Many hugs and much love!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

See the fam...

So, I'll post pictures as soon as i get them on my computer, but I'm home in MN for a few days visiting the family. It was 87 on Sunday in Puerto Rico, and it was 26 and snowing when i arrived in MSP yesterday... can you say DAMN!!!! Yea, i was freezing. All I have for a jacket is a hoodie and that doesn't do much to cut the winter frigidness.

I have seen my sister, who picked me up. We always have such a good time together and we are the best confidante's... telling each other things that no one else in this world knows... and we don't judge! We have our differences, but the disagreement never lasts more then a few minutes. It was so good to get some alone time with her and really get some stuff out in the open.

Then I saw my brother, Pat(the one that was in Australia), and my mom. Mom and I went up to my grandparents and had some dinner and then to Missy's(sister's old roommate) to see her son Jackson and give him his birthday present!! He is so cute... wait until you see my video!! He's so darn cute!!

Today, I'm gonna have some lunch with my grandparents(again) and see my dad and brothers. Tomorrow is my sister and hopefully some cousins!! I wish i had about 10 days to really visit everyone!! I'll post some pics soon... :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to da islands, mon!!

Hello everyone! Life in the islands is hot and humid, but it's better then snow and ice. I have been working like a fiend and its hot and sweaty. Yes, it's a bit graphic, but true... 89 and humid... I like 110 and dry(aka... Arizona! ha ha) So hear are some pictures from the first week... don't worry, there will be more!

St Croix of the USVI, where I used to live

This is me with St. Croix in the background, flying mechanics to fix a plane

Christiansted Harbour on the north shore of St. Croix

El Yunque, the rainforest on Puerto Rico

Here is a waterspout forming NE of Puerto Rico They look cool, but can be dangerous to fly into. Luckily, they are easy to see and avoid!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow, Madness.

So to sum up and lead into the madness:

July 21st: Terminated from USA Jet with 30 other pilots.

August 24th: Back on the Cape to retrain with Cape Air

October 25th: Back to Detroit to pack

October 26th: Decided to crash pad out my apartment(to friends at USA Jet) so my stuff stayed safe, cheaper then putting it into storage and rent went down with a new lease(not signed yet)

October 30th, 10 am: Crash pad friends all got laid off from USA Jet. Panic sets in. 36 hours to pack and move a 2 bedroom apartment!! YIKES!!

That where madness became insanity. 2 people, packing like crazy, no help cuz they all lost their jobs. find a moving truck, find a storage unit, help!! Was supposed to leave for San Juan on Saturday! Nope! Left on Monday... everything was finished by 5 pm on Saturday, cleaned, garbage thrown away, storage unit packed to the gills and out of Detroit I went! jeez... it was awful. I hurt in places I didn't know I had muscles. My hands and feet are still swollen... pulling my luggage through the airport was like needles in my palm.

But now I am here... I'm in San Juan and it is surreal. I already did this. I already lived in the caribbean and it was miserable. Expensive, humid, I don't speak spanish(yet) and no car... I'm now a bus rat. And that's ok, just gonna take some getting used to. Plus the bus doesn't really run on a schedule... just whenever it happens to come by! argh! But I'm excited about beaches, snorkeling, fruity concoctions to be drank while on the beach, and learning spanish! Plus I love the rampies and people down here that I got to work with this summer up north, so that will be great.

Sorry, that was complete ramble... feel free to ask questions if it doesn't make sense because that is entirely possible!!

Wendy - I'm so sorry i didn't get to come visit. My intention was on Friday or Saturday and well, the last minute move kinda f'ed that up. I will be back in the area and we will have some dinner together! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check out this contest!!

Here is a Halloween contest, so you'll have to move quickly to enter... and tell her I sent ya!!!

Halloween Contest

Happy Halloween!!!

Been a while!!!

Well, life has been insane and I don't have the time to post it all here, but here is my latest finished object... MY CLAPOTIS!!!! It is made from Schaefer Yarn Anne, a gorgeous yarn that turned out beautiful. Here are some pics. I liked the pattern but the middle seemed to go on forever. But I love the pattern and the yarn and want to make another one.

I'm getting ready to start work in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the prep is getting stressful... I'll try to start posting more again... now that I'll have interesting stuff to post!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Contest(not on my blog)

Check it out!! Free nutrition bars!! :) It's my friend Jyl's Blog:

Kardea Nutrition Bars

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today is my Blogiversary!

I was so excited. I had planned to do a contest for my blogiversary... and then I was unemployed, and not by choice. I still may do one this month, maybe give away a set of my stitch markers. What should the contest be? Anyone have any ideas for me? I'll listen to any and all ideas... if I pick yours, you'll get a couple extra entries!!

I got a lovely surprise package from JavaNut. She is my cyber friend from Cali that I know through the She-Knits podcast. It's like one of the best out there... in my opinion!! She sent me a bunch of recycled Sari Silk(gonna make a bag I think), 1/2 skein of Malabrigo, and some lace yarn. She also sent some cotton, chocolate and tea!! I felt so loved that day. I really needed that pick me up. Maybe someday i can return the favor to her. She deserves it so much!

Here is what I made with the Malabrigo, at the suggestion of Java:

fetching 2

It is a gorgeous teal color and if I do move up to northern NY, then they will come in handy this fall. it was my first project using Malabrigo, Magic Loop and cables... I loved the yarn, the magic loop and the cables were a bit annoying(it gets so tight!)... and I will NOT be diving into socks anytime soon. Too much. But people sure do make great socks! :)

Well, put down your ideas for a contest and we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll do one anyway... the markers are small enough that it's not too expensive to ship! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long time gone....

Well, lets see if we can sum up the last month. I got back from Australia and spent a lot of time enjoying the summer in Detroit area. Spent 4th of July in Kansas City for work.

That weekend one of my company planes crashed in Saltillo, mexico. The Captain died and the First Officer is still recovering. It was really hard to see my company plane crashed and basically burned to nothing... makes you really think about your job and what you do. His services were on the 18th of July. Our company sent down a DC-9 full of employee's, with all the pilots in full uniform. It is the 2nd person in a month that I've lost to a plane crash... been a little rough mentally.

Well, I was flying quite a bit, easy trips mostly to Kansas City. Gets a little boring, but at least we know what we are doing.

The came Monday.... One picture is all it takes:

Yep, let me join the ranks of the unemployed. Calling today and filing for unemployment was so dehumanizing. I don't wanna file unemployment. I wanna be sitting on call, bitching about my pager!!! But no, I sit here bitching about unemployment and the fact that I have no job in a nasty job market. I just want my job back. I was part of a "reduction of workforce". fuck that. They completely eliminated my airplane. "too expensive to operate" Bull. The damn board of directors is greedy and eliminating 40 people saved them that much each year so they have more in their pocket. If they just cut the upper management's pay by 5% it prolly would have had the same effect... except I'd still have a job. It probably means I'll be moving. not to many jobs in Detroit or any of Michigan for that matter. Hopefully try to get out west. Guess we'll see... send some happy thoughts my way... they should help.

2008 needs to be over. Its been a rough year. Ready to start over again...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Link to all of my Australia trip photo's here:

Here is a link to all my photo's on hope you enjoy!! I'm going to sticky this to the top for a while... so scroll down for each new day's posts of my trip. Thanks!

Australia Trip Photo's

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Junior Nation AMP Radio Spot - Share on Ovi

OH YEA BABY!!! I'll share my pics tomorrow.. I'm exhausted and just a bit pink from being in the sun.... GO JR GO>>> GO JR GO!!!!!

jr. wins

Monday, June 9, 2008

W5, D1 & W5, D2

So I ran W5, D1 the day I left for Australia. Then I didn't run while I was there... I really did mean to, but I was having too much fun. We did lots of hiking and tons and tons of walking, so I was very active just not running and training.

So I was prepared to have to go back and redo week 4... so I went to the gym and prepared... I started running and when I got to the stopping point for Week 4, I was feeling really good, so I kept running. I did Week 5, Day 1 again after 2 weeks of no training. I was pumped!!!

So W5, D2 is an 8 minute run, 5 minute walk and another 8 minute run. I don't think I have run for 8 minutes straight in my whole life. Well, I did it. I ran my first 8 minutes and it was hard. But then I walked my 5 minutes and was ready for round 2... well, I have made it a habit of trying to run as long as possible on my last run of each day... it might be 30 seconds, it might be over a minute... depends on the day... I ran for 11 MINUTES!!!! 11!!!! Oh my gosh!! i was so pumped... So tomorrow is W5, D3... it's a 20 minute run... I'm nervous, but I am going to give it my best... whew... here we go!!! 20 minutes... here I come!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Australia: Last Day, June 1st

Today was my last day in Sydney and Australia. I got up early and started the walk up to the Opera house. It was about a 40 minute walk. What a great way to start my day.
Beautiful! I got up to the Opera House and took my tour. It was so surreal to be there... I was in awe the whole time. There are 4 stages. I saw the one where Andrea Bochelli and Luciano Pavarotti performed. I saw the tiny one where awesocomedians perform. I saw the opera hall... ahme... they have copy rights on the inside of the theater's, so we could only take pics of the outer areas. Here is a slide show of that:

Here are some other photos from that day... my last on in the Land of Oz....

My last view of Syney Harbour

My ride home

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Australia: May 31st

So I left Lismore today and headed for a day in Sydney.
i got into the airport and then headed to find my hostel. I took the train up into the city and started walking. It is called Nomad's Maze, for good reason... the halls are so messed up... you gotta keep track of where you are, or you might get lost! Pat said he got lost when he stayed there. It is really crazy.

I got in mid morning and dropped my stuff off at the room. One roommate was sleeping and the other was gone. So I grabbed my stuff and headed off to walk the city. I stopped at the desk and asked for a map and the best way to get around. i was about 2 miles from Circular Quay and there was tons to see in between, so I walked. It was amazing.

There will be lots of pictures today and tomorrow... Might just put a link to flickr or photobucket... I went camera crazy.

First I went to the Sydney Tower. I do believe it is the tallest building in Sydney. I paid the money to go up, which was kind of spendy, but well worth it. The views were absolutely amazing. I was so in awe of being there... it was so surreal. I didn't really have a great view of the opera house, but had a great view of the harbour and the bridge... so awesome.

Then I worked my way up Pitt Street toward the Circular Quay, which is the major harbour. I had grabbed a bunch of flyers before I left the Hostel. I knew I wanted to do a harbour tour, the opera house, maybe climb the pylon and go up the tower. So I had the Tower done - Check! So there was a harbour tour in 35 minutes, so I hustled up to the harbour. I went to Captain Cook's Harbour tour and bought a ticket... then I got a picture with Captain cook himself... So I wandered over to where to boat launches and got onboard. I took a few pics as we left the harbour and sure enough, the battery died on my camera! ARGH!!!! Talk about shitty timing. I was so irritated. I had planned on doing the Opera House also that day, but didn't want to go without my camera. So i sat back and enjoyed the rest of the tour. I decided to walk to the Opera House and see when the first tour was in the morning. My flight wasn't until 145p, so I had a little time. I bought a ticket for the 9 am Sunday tour. So I started back toward the hostel. I just took my time and stopped and looked at stuff when I wanted to. I found an awesome sushi place that has sushi on a conveyor belt that winds around the restaurant. Each plate is a different color and there is a key to what each one costs in front of you. So when something goes by that you want, you just grab it and eat it. of course my camera was dead, so I didn't get a picture. But it was super cool. Then I wandered back to the room. It was still early in the day, relatively. I sat in my room for about an hour and read a book and drank a beer. I met my one roommate Amy, who is from Toronto and has been traveling since January.

Then I met the other roommate, Emma. She is a doctor of Chinese medicine and an acupuncturist. She was in Sydney for a conference on using acupuncture as a way to treat drug addicts. So I picked her brain. I find it so intriguing. So we spent the entire night hanging out, chatting and bs-ing. Then I got up my courage and asked her if she would do some acupuncture on me, so I could try it... I've always found it interesting, but never had the courage to do it. So she looked at my tongue and took my pulses... yes, plural. We have 27 different pulses, taken at different points on your arms depending on what part of your body is in need of help. She told me all about chi and how the body works and what kind of things chinese medicine and acupuncture can help. She said my spleen is struggling. The spleen is in the master behind blood production in the body and the distribution of the blood to the muscles. When it struggles, it makes it hard for the body to process food for the nutrients you get. That is due to stress and instability. Hello! You all know what I do for work!! That makes a lot of sense. She also told me that I look healthy overall, but she would say that I exercise a lot, eat pretty good and see no results on the scale!!!! She also said that I probably eat a lot of cold items: apples, carrots, cucumbers, and salads... yep, yep, yep and YEP!! She had no way of knowing that. NO WAY!! She started telling me so many things about my health... even my doctor at home isn't that good. Crazy. So she had me lay down and put in 6 needles. One in my left leg in the front(where the spleen line is), one near the big toe on the top of each foot(kinda tinglely, but not painful), one on each hand between the thumb and pointer finger... now that one was crazy. When she put it in and found it's proper place, it felt like electricity flowing through my pointer finger into my arm... never any pain, just odd feelings. Same feeling on the right side. Then she put one right between my eyebrows! That is the 'third eye' and is for calming and relaxation.

I laid there for about 15 minutes and breathed... she spoke the whole time very quietly. She said that since my spleen was deficient, I might get some sensations and to ask if any concerned me. Well after about 3-4 minutes, my legs started twitching. She said that happens, because when you start treating the spleen, it increases blood flow where needed and will cause some slight twitching... i thought it felt amazing. Then she took them out. She had explained all about chi and the ying and yang of the balance of the body. I had known about some of that, but she really helped me understand it. I was ying deficient... typical for women. I am going to look into finding one around here... I think it will be well worth it. It was an amazing experience... I slept like a baby!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Australia: May 30th

We all started rolling out of bed at about 10 am the next morning. We were all a bit tired but no worse for the wear really. Pat didn't get up til about 1 pm, so I hung out with Abby, Alex, Jackson, Arlo and Romiero. We made brekky(breakfast) and sat around. Pat had a bunch of errands and stuff to get done before he left for Cairns on Saturday and I also was leaving for Sydney on Saturday. I went down, checked my email, and generally just putzed around. We went and got some KFC for dinner and I bought some treats to bring back. I brought back 3 packs of Tim Tams(unbelievable cookies) and some Mi Goreng(like Raman noodles but better). We watched a few movies and some South Park.

I also started on the packing... I had lots of souveniers: 2 masks(one for pat and one for me), lots of postcards, shot glasses, a lighter for a friend, etc. So add that to all my other crap and I was packing tight. We didn't go to bed until like 1 or 2 am, of course. Pat and I are both night owls.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Australia: May 29th

Today we left Surfer's Paradise. We went to Byron bay, which is very cool. Wish we would have had one more day to play around... except it was still raining. Stupid rain. We drove down to Byron and went up to the light house... gives a beautiful view of Byron Bay. Plus it is the head of the trail that takes you to the Easternmost point of Australia... I have been to the Eastern most point of the USA, down on St. Croix, so now I have 2 countries taken care of!!! Sweet!!! I will finally start adding some pictures now that I have access to the computer and can really start to add a ton...

Here is a slideshow of the Lighthouse and Eastern Point:

We wandered around Byron for just a few minutes, cuz we had to get the rental car back.So w e stopped and got the most amazing Kebab ever... it had Lamb and Tziki(greek yogurt, mint, cucumber and garlic) sauce. Oh so yummy... I should open a Kebab shop here... I think it would be a hit. They are pretty healthy, I think, but they are super yummy. We bought a few souveniers and headed back to Lismore. Jackson picked us up at the rental car place and went back to the college.

Well, Thursday night is the big party night on campus, just like every college in America too. So the Unibar(University sponsored bar, which my college didn't have), has a huge dance floor with bands and huge area to sit and talk under a big cover(which was good cuz it was raining still). Well, we started pregaming(drinking before going to the bar so it's not as expensive) at 7 pm... I don't start drinking that early, I haven't since college!!! But I did as it was my only night to really REALLY do it up with my brother. We started by playing Jenga... which I didn't know you could make into a drinking game, but leave it to college students!! You write different things on the Jenga blocks(give 2, take 2, boys drink, girls drink, skull or slam your drink, etc) Then we wandered around campus and popped in on a bunch of Pat's friends. Some(about 20) were playing flip cup(just another drinking game).

Then we went to the Unibar about 10p. I hung out with Abby and Alex mostly, but wandered around a lot and chatted with bunches of people. Abby is from UMass - Amherst and Alex is her friend out visiting. They are both super cool. There were 3 good bands, lots of people to talk to, beers to drink and lots of conversation. I really had a great time. The hill that goes up to the dorms is a bitch... ridiculous really. Unlike any hills I have climbed before except for hills in AZ that I climbed... A picture doesn't do any justice to the evil this hill is.

So at the end of the night, 2 of Pats other friends had gotten a cab and wanted to split... so we split from the Unibar and took the cab home... about 10 bucks between the 4 of us. Not bad at all. We made some snacks, watched some South Park and went to sleep. Oh, what a great day!! So much fun.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Australia: Wednesday, May 28th

So, the next morning as we were waking up, the nasty biatch of a roommate woke up. She slammed her cupboard door, she slammed the bathroom door, she slammed the cupboards again and then slammed the door on the way out... which I thought was funny cuz both Pat and myself were already awake!! So if she was trying to piss us off, cuz we had some light in the room while we got our stuff out last night, it didn't work... and it prolly just made her more angry. LOL!! So pathetic, she was.

So we woke up and did not want to deal with her again, since she was soooo rude. So we went to the reception desk and spoke to Jodi about what happened. She said that she shouldn't have acted like that and if she didn't want roommates she should have a private room. And she said we shouldn't have to put with that. So she switched our room and we went to take our stuff upstairs. We met Joss and Michelle, our new roommates. *damn* just realized I forgot to take a picture of the 4 of us and a pic of our room... stupid! Shoot. They are both from the UK. Very fun, we hung out, chatted and ended up having dinner together later that night. Joss actually reminded me of an ex boyfriend... wow! I just kept staring because it was such a close resemblance!!

We were only going to spend Wednesday and Thursday and of course it rained... argh. I was going to take a surfing lesson with Pat, but due to it being sooo cold, we decided not too, plus the surf wasn't very good either. So went to the beach, picking up a Kebab on the way... They are burrito/gyro type foods... very good. I've had 3 since I've been here.

So yummy. So we chilled on the beach, got some souvenirs, and wandered back toward the hostel. We spent about an hour playing in the arcade... it was so fun. They had a open wheel racing game where the chairs actually shook and turned and sung around while you raced.... it was awesome!! Pat did some skate boarding game Pat and I also played a crazy version of pool... I will have to get the pictures ready cuz there is so much to share... Pictures coming soon!!! Ok, they are here!

We went back upstairs and spent some more time chatting with the roommates. They are so cool and have been traveling for months... I will rant about that in another post. I promise that too. We showered and went to get a couple of drinks... Joss and Michelle said they were gonna lay low for the night, so we said good night and went on... well, 10 minutes later, here comes Joss and Michelle, for a drink and some dinner. They are so great. We have all exchanged info and maybe someday I will make it to the UK to visit.

It rained most of the end of the day... from about 4 pm on... About 1230am, Joss said he was hungry, so Pat, Joss and I wandered out to get some food. Well, the choices were limited: Macca's (McDonald's), or a kebab... but it wasn't a good one.. prolly my least favorite one I've had. But it was food. We went and watched a bit of cricket on tv and then decided to go to sleep. It had been a long, fun, relaxing day in a beach town!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Australia: Tuesday, May 27th

So pictures will have to wait, cuz I am freezing and don't have the patience right now. We left for Surfer's Paradise today. It's about an hour and a half from where Pat goes to Uni(college). The scenery was beautiful. I was driving which was an experience. Everyone drives on the left, which didn't bother me because I lived in the Caribbean and they drove on the left there... but what threw me off is driving from the right seat!!! It was awesome!! I will post a picture a bit later. We got to overlook Byron Bay and kept on truckin'. We got up there in the evening, checked into the Hostel(my first time in one of those), and caught a bus down to the casino. We got in a bit late, so the beach was out of the picture for the night.

The casino reminded me a bit of Vegas, so that was awesome. Spent a few hours playing pokies(slot machines) and some Jupiter 21... sort of like black jack, but with some special rules!! It was really fun. I ended up breaking even and Pat lost a bit, but nothing too bad. he had won a bunch earlier in the week, so he was doing ok.

We left there and went to catch the bus. The bus wasn't going to be by for 30 minutes, so we decided to walk. It was about 5k(3 miles) and took about 45 minutes. We stopped at a Petty station(gas station) and got some water and a meat pie... A meat pie is kind of like a pot pie, but with a nice crispy crust and pretty much just meat and maybe some cheese inside... one of the things Pat said I had to eat before I left... it was yummy.

Once we got back to the hostel, our roommate was already asleep, so we turned the tv on(NO sound) so we could see what we were doing. We found our pj's and set up our beds and started watching the cricket match that was on the tv(still no sound and we weren't talking). About 10 minutes later, she got out of bed, stomped over to the tv, slammed the power button, huffed and puffed, spun on her heel and climbed back into bed!!! tossed around a bit, still huffing and puffing... never said a word, just acted like a complete biatch!! I was so shocked. Pat said that isn't normal and don't let that influence my opinion of Hostels... well, we were tired, so we just went to bed... More info tomorrow!! And hopefully pictures!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip To Australia – May 25th and 26th

So we woke up at 10 am Sunday to go watch the Twins, Red Sox and Celtics play their Saturday night game(15 hour time change). So weird to get up the next morning to watch the night before’s game. Ha ha… but it was fun. About 10 of us were down at the Rec Center watching. The internet only works down there, so I am writing my blog as the days go, so they are ready to go on the blog when I get to check my email. Pat and I went up to the Worker’s Club to hang for a few hours. We drank a couple beers, played some Pokies(slot machines) and played some Keno. I came out about even and I think Pat came out ahead a bit. So that was fun.

Jackson came and picked us up and a bunch of people were going out to eat at the Chinese Buffet in town. It was strange because it was one little buffet of like 8 tubs… and then dessert… nothing like in the states where there are tons of choices, but it was surprisingly good! Not very greasy at all. They didn’t really have the greasy stuff, they had the broccoli beef and chicken and veggies and stuff. Then we came back watched some movies and I feel asleep! Lol! I went to bed and I guess the rest watched another movie and then went to bed.

26th - So today we woke up and watched some Nascar… I know, crazy!! But I got to see just the last few laps, which are the good ones anyway. Then we showered, Pat went to class and I went to Open Mic day at the UniBar. Unibar is the University sponsored bar… wish I woulda had one of those in college!! So I hung out with Pat’s mates and drank a few beers until about 530… Then we came back here and made some dinner. Steak, chips(fries), and mashed potatoes… Yum! Tomorrow we are renting a car and going up to Byron Bay(eastern most point of Australia) and Surfer’s Paradise… I’m so excited… Here are some pics from the Open Mic:

Trip to Australia, Day 1, Part 2 - I’m in Sydney, now what?

So it’s 7 am by the time I get through customs… now what? My flight doesn’t leave until noon… hmmm… so I pay $5 to take the airport shuttle to the domestic terminal. I wandered around there a bit and looked at all the shops. I found my gate, which was very close to the centre of the terminal. There was a sushi place in the food court that didn’t open until 9 am, so I had to burn some time. So I found an internet cafĂ© and bought an hour and 20 min worth of internet time… checked email, sent email, cruised around a bit. It did burn some time, so that was really good. Then I went and wandered through the shops again and got some sushi. It was surprising. I got 4 rolls for $11. Not bad, but the tuna rolls were horrible!! I mean, they didn’t kill me, but it was tuna, from a can and missed with stuff!! They had Salmon!! Why not Tuna!?!? Odd… the salmon rolls are awesome and so were the Californian rolls. Oh well, now I know for next time! So I ate those, I was starving!

I sat around and played games on my phone for a bit… finally my flight was ready. So I wandered down to the gate and boarded a bus to take out to the plane. It was a Saab 340. I have been on those a million times. It was about 80 min up to Ballina, which is about a 40 min drive to Lismore. It was a very pretty flight right along the coast the whole way. I took tons of pics, which will be in the slideshow at the end of this blog. I landed and went to find Pat. He was stuck behind a moving truck going super slow and wasn’t sure where to find the airport… about 15 minutes later, he showed up! I hugged the crap outta him. It was so good to see him and his hair is getting so long! LOL! But we got in the car, We drove up to the beach in town and wandered around for a bit. The beach was so nice and smooth… no shells, just super smooth rocks and fine sand. Then we headed back to Lismore and his college. We went to the square and bought some groceries… we bought Tim Tams!! Someone in one of the groups was talking about them that they got in an exchange and if you read this, let me know… I will bring some back for you. They are so good. Tim Tams are cookies that are only sold in Australia and man are they delicious!! We also bought Crumpets… also super yummy.

Then we went back to the college and brought all the stuff upstairs. All the flatmates were at a pub crawl, so we just hung out for a few hours. They all got back and I met all the neighbors, friends, roommates, etc. They were all getting some food and heading out for a Saturday night. I was exhausted, so I bailed… I know, I know, pretty sad. But about an hour later, I started feeling really bad. So it was a good thing I stayed in. I needed to catch up on sleep anyway. I got up for a few hours when they got back from the pub and hung out.

First Day Slideshow

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to Australia: Day 1 - Can I get there??

So the day started off hectic. I managed to get in my Week 5, Day 1!! But I got the airport a little later then I planned and ran to my gate. I barely made the flight to Phoenix that would connect me to Los Angeles. It was a long 4 hour flight. I got to Phoenix and there were people everywhere. Of all places I thought would have delays for weather, Phoenix was on the bottom of my list. But there were tons of delays. I missed flights to LA. I was stressing… ok, I always stress when I have to make connections, but I have never done the international jump seat thing, so I was even more stressed then usual. Finally I got on the last flight that would, barely, get me there in time to catch my flight to Sydney. I got to LA at 835pm… flight leaves at 1026 pm from a different terminal. There was another plane at our gate, so we waited…. And waited…. And waited… didn’t get to the gate until 905pm. I ran to catch the shuttle to Terminal 7 and United. I got there about 915pm. This whole time, Pat is calling from Australia wanting to know if I made the flight… poor guy had to keep calling me back until I knew…

So I run up to pay my fee’s and taxes and such, as I have been told to do on International flights. The woman said I had to go to customer service at the other end… so I run… I get there and realize the other woman still had my credit card!!! Ran back… got my card… ran back again. Whew! Guess I didn’t need to do my running earlier in the day! Haha… Anyway, the second woman just told me I needed to go to the gate and they would handle me there. So I take off for gate 77. I run up the escalator to the security checkpoint. I am in uniform, so I get to skip to the front which is awesome! So I blaze through there and head for my gate. I check in with the nice woman and she checks my visa, which my friend, SC, was nice enough to tell me about. And she tells me it will be a few minutes before she knows. Ok… now I wait. Hurry, wait, hurry, wait! Story of my life, ha ha… Finally Pat calls again(there were a few more calls from him in there too) and as we are talking she pages my name… and gives me a seat!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! Whew! I told Pat I was on my way! He found me a super cheap flight up to see him, so I didn’t have to take the train,(which I ended up missing anyway because of customs) and he booked that for me… alright, now the trip is on.

So I get on the airplane, and chat with all the flight attendants. I haven’t been on a 747 since I was 16 and going to Spain. So I tell them my seat and they said it was a Business class seat. What!?!?!? REALLY!?!?! Wow!! But I went to check in with the captains(there are 2 full crews for a 14 hour, 44 min flight.) They were all very nice, made sure I had a good seat and told me I could change into street clothes for the flight. Now that is AWESOME!! Sweet! So I said goodbye and went back downstairs. I grabbed some clothes and changed in the bathroom… no small feat on an airplane! I felt like a magician! I settled into my seat, met my seat mate, Jose. He was moving to Sydney for work and was super excited like me! I got some water, and a snack and away we went!!

They give you a menu of your choices for food, pillow, blanket, a headset and a bag of goodies(eye cover, lotion, mints, toothbrush and paste, earplugs, and socks to stay warm). We chatted and had dinner and then it was time for some sleep. The seats laid waaaay back and I got comfy. I slept for about 5 hours… I would wake up and my glass of water would be full, so I’d drink it. Mom told me one of the reasons people get so jet lagged is because they are dehydrated, so I drank up. I would go back to sleep, and when I woke up, there would be more water. So I drank it again… this went on for the whole flight… they were awesome!! I woke up, had a snack from the snack cart and then slept again. I spent most of the flight sleeping. I knew it would be early in the morning when I got there, so I figured I better sleep while I can! I arrived in Sydney at 610 am and had to clear customs and immigration. Then it was time to change terminals and find my flight to Ballina/Byron Bay… more in the next post…

My greeting after customs!! HOORAY!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Work i'm exhausted... W4 D5

Wow, work has so really beat me down the last few days. Working a lot of nights and getting yanked around as far as schedule goes. last night we got paged out at Midnight to go to Tulsa. Got to Tulsa and the freight was late... SHOCKING!! So we went and grabbed food at McDonald's, ick, but it was food. Taxied the plane over to get fuel... taxied back and then was told the trip was canceled... that was at 530am... then they made us sit at the airport for a few hours waiting for a trip. luckily Tulsair had a sleep room, which was pretty dark, so I was able to catch a few hours of sleep. Finally they said we could go to the hotel. A bunch of places were sold out, so this is where we are staying... NICE. Double Tree

I wish we got to stay in places like this more often. Bed is awesome, slept really well. Gym is super cool. Each machine has it's own tv on it! I thought that was awesome! I think I am ready to move onto week 5 of my running program... today was much better... still hard, but much better. Anyway, I'm going to sign off... time to get some much needed sleep. Hugs to all...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week 4, Day 3

Yea, so I did day 3 and day 2 this week. Both were extremely hard. Both were frustrating. Day 1 was better then both put together. So I will repeat Week 4. Maybe not all 3 days, but at least a couple to catch up my breathing. My legs have finally caught up and I'm not have all kinds of pain in my leg like I did at the beginning... now I need my lungs and heart to keep up. My heart rate has come down quite a bit. It used to race at like 180 bpm when i was done doing my running segments... now it is down to 165 or so, so that is a great improvement, but it needs to come down more... the heart needs some more time to catch up I guess. that is ok. I have been pushing it really hard lately. 6 days a week at the gym. ARGH!

The frustration was that the scale hasn't moved. My clothes have fit better, but the scale is stuck. I bought clothes a size smaller... just waiting to fit. They are close... but the next size up is hanging off my butt. My booty has shrunk... it was getting a bit "bootylicious" which I did not like at all!!! I know I'm building muscle while losing fat, hence the steadfast weight. Well, today i got on the scale... it is down about a pound from 2 weeks ago... at least it is moving in the right direction. I'll take it. I'll keep watching food and I'll keep exercising... i sleep better, am gaining flexibility, and my back feels much better. So i'll keep at it... and keep blogging about it here. Tomorrow will be a rest day or a light walk day or maybe hitting some golf balls day. not too much stress on the legs... they need rest.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Week 4, Day 1

So Sunday was Week 4, Day 1 of my Couch to 5k Adventure. It went much better then I expected. Here is the running schedule:

Run 3 min,
walk 90 seconds,
run 5 min,
walk 2:30 min,
run 5 min.

And I only had to walk twice for 2 seconds each time... So I thought that was pretty cool. Tuesday will be Day 2... I'll blog about that soon...

Oh, and I think my sister will be joining me on this adventure, as well as a few women on Ravelry!! GO team exercise!!!

Great Weekend in photos

So I got to meet Dana, from Loves Many cloths this past weekend. She was in Canton, MI for the World Bowling Championships. It's only like 10 min from my house! SO I went and watched them on Friday and Saturday. Saturday we went to Joann's, Michaels(they have never been to a michael's!!), JC Penny's and then hung out at the hotel. Dana pulled a muscle in her leg on Saturday. So we didn't do too much walking. Dana, I hope you leg is feeling better.

Here is Dana and the Team. Dana is the 3rd from the right. I think the names are as follows, left to right: christina, Dawn, Dana, Roxy, and Julie

Here is a picture of Dana and I!! GO TEAM!!!!

Here is a picture of Dana in action in the team event... GOOooo DANA!!!

Dana in action during the individual bowling event... Pretty in Pink

So it was a great weekend and it was great to meet all those wonderful women.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

W3, D3

Ok, so it was Day 3 of me learning to run a 5k!!! It was a rough day. It started out great... my first set was awesome... and then I had a hard time with my right leg during the last 3 min run. It was better then other days, but still very hard. I am moving on to Week 4 and hope it goes well... So I have 2 blog friends having contests...

1. A. Kathy is having her month long contest. All you have to do it read and comment on her blog, easy and very amusing!! Mention that I, Katie, sent ya!!

2. Cass is having a contest also... just answer her 5 questions, or one, it's really up to you and you are entered!!! Plus she is pretty damn funny!!!

Enjoy the contests... They are always fun!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

W3, D2!!!

So today I did Week 3, Day 2 of my couch to 5k adventure. On D1, I had to stop and walk for 10 seconds in the 2nd set of 3 min runs. Well, today I ran all the intervals... no walking, except when allowed for me!! I hope i can keep it up for next week and the 5 weeks after that.

Day 2 of recurrent training is done today and only 3 left... the next 3 are gonna be really boring... ick... only once a year, only once a year... I just keep telling myself that.

Below is a picture of Christiansted Harbour on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. I am feeling sentimental... i was lucky enough to live here a few years ago... I miss it... Isn't it gorgeous!?!?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yarn Thing! and Work=Boring

Today, work was boring... classroom work always is for me. I would rather be flying then sitting in a square room, listening to people yap all day.... Thank god i don't work in an office... ARGH! But anyway, I have the rest of this week to put up with that! Oh well, at least its just once a year or so.

The Yarn Thing is awesome!!! She has a hilarious podcast, which I highly recommend, and she is having a contest... go check her out! If you make it through more then 3 minutes without laughing out loud, then something is wrong with you!! She is a riot!!! Enjoy!! She is giving away all kinds of goodies!!!

Have a great Tuesday tomorrow.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pics and Week 3, Day 1 Couch 2 5k

So I did Week 3, Day 1 today of my Couch to 5k training... it went pretty well!! YEA!! It was run for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes and then do that whole thing again. I only had to stop once in the 2nd run and it was only for 10 seconds. So I was pretty jazzed!!! I'm off today and have ground school all of this week. So I should be in town, which is good and bad. I don't mind the travel too much, even though i complain alot... thanks for listening to that btw!! Below are some pics from my trip last week to Nogales, AZ. It was so pretty!!! :) I miss AZ... boo hoo! Hope you enjoy the pics... and have a great week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sad stuff...

So last week I went home to be with my mom while she put down our family dog.

This is Magic. She was a great dog. Mom said she can never have another dog, because you can't beat the best. She was there for us during all of our family trials... which there were many, severe and major and heartbreaking. She always knew when we needed to cuddle and pet her... she loved cheering us up!!

Whenever mom said she was going for a walk, Magic would jump up and down and bark and spin in circles... it was so funny!!!

Magic was very sick... she was 15 years old!!! She was always in pain and didn't eat of walk around much anymore... it was hard to let her go, but to see no pain in her eyes anymore was a relief. She is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us to join her!! We love and miss you MAGIC!!! MUAH!!!