Monday, April 28, 2008

Yarn Thing! and Work=Boring

Today, work was boring... classroom work always is for me. I would rather be flying then sitting in a square room, listening to people yap all day.... Thank god i don't work in an office... ARGH! But anyway, I have the rest of this week to put up with that! Oh well, at least its just once a year or so.

The Yarn Thing is awesome!!! She has a hilarious podcast, which I highly recommend, and she is having a contest... go check her out! If you make it through more then 3 minutes without laughing out loud, then something is wrong with you!! She is a riot!!! Enjoy!! She is giving away all kinds of goodies!!!

Have a great Tuesday tomorrow.


Yarn Thing said...

You Rock! Thanks for the shout out my dear.


Mary Ann said...

Good morning! How nice of you to donate a set of your markers for Kathy's contest! I like the pearl blue ones, but they're all really pretty!

Have a great day!