Thursday, April 17, 2008

C25k Week 1 Complete!!!!

So today I finished Day 3 of Week 1 of the Couch to 5k. It was a lot easier then the first 2. Start on Friday with Week 2. More and more running as the weeks go on. I ate ok today and feel good... now if the scale will just start reflecting my efforts.

Went to ate at the Texas Roadhouse tonight. Small steak, salad and steamed veggies... was really good. Here is a picture I took at the restaurant. Totally cracked me up!! bwahhhahahahahaha

Oh yea, I'm not in Texas anymore... Now I'm in Kansas... Wichita to be exact. El Paso, to Nogales, AZ to Wichita, KS. It's been super windy here, but mild temperature wise. Just found out I have a trip in the morning... Back to Texas. Dallas and El Paso. I have some awesome pics from Southern Arizona and stuff, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow... it will be an early morning. G'nite!!


Marilyn, Paul, PJ, Chris & Lauren said...


Long time, no chat, sister! I saw your comment on our blogsite. Sounds like you are doing well. A road race, huh? YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Drop me a line and lets catch up. Family is doing FABULOUSLY.



Wendy said...

Ok, now I am confused as to where my dear friend is....last I heard you were at a crappy motel with a crappy bed.....Hope all is well......