Thursday, April 10, 2008

T-storms and Kansas City

So I went on a trip the other day and ended in Kansas City, Missouri. We went from Detroit area to Tupolo, Mississippi then on to Kansas City. I managed to smash my hand into the Falcon and break my pinky finger... Didn't feel good.

Note to self: Don't smash hand into inanimate objects... The fingers don't appreciate it!!

Once we got to Kansas City, we stayed at the Chase Suite Hotel. Check out these pictures... this place was awesome and affordable(even though I wasn't paying).

So here is the living area. Fireplace with log, leather chair, flat screen on the wall and couch.

This is the "office" area. Desk, table with 3 chairs, there is a 1/2 bath around the corner, but look what comes out of the wall!!

A queen sized bed!! How cool is that!! I could throw a huge party with lots of fruity concoctions and lots of people could have a place to sleep... alas, I don't know anyone in KC.

Here is the full kitchen... with all accessories!!

Then!!! The upstairs is the full bathroom and a loft with a King size bed and tv. It was awesome!! If it was an apartment, I would rent it!! lol... too fun!!

Although the problem was of course, I get a trip back to D-town the next morning.. boo hiss on the trip.

But I did score this awesome video on the way from Laredo, TX to D-town... found out later, this was also major tornadic activity in the North Texas/Arkansas area. Hope everyone down there is ok. Awesome to look at, not good for those on the ground... mind you this level of activity went on for well over and hour and a half until we couldn't see it anymore.


Wendy said...

Oh my....and you had to come home....I would have been throwing a tantrum....why could that not have been where you got sutck for a week...right???? Fogot to ask how the finger is doing????(senile butt here)

Aunt Kathy said...

Ouch Katie... pay attention to that note to self, lol

I couldn't see the video, it was all black for be with a little orange flash now and then.

kadezmom said...

a pissed off thunderstorm, huh?? If you slam your pinkie in a door, that breaks em too.....there's your warning!