Wednesday, October 7, 2009


They cause me a slight ulser, but I love them... BRING ON THE YANKS!!! Burnin' down the BRONX!!!!

Oh yea, and I'll be at the game on Sunday!!! That's right... I'm going home for game #3 and then flying back to Maine on Monday Morning!! :) SWEEETTT!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My day!

So today is the first day of the winter schedule for me. 0530 am to
0730 pm! Long days, 3 round trips and you all know I don't like
getting up early. It went ok and I'm feeling good so far.

On the needles:
I am working on my first pair of socks! I took on dpn's and toe up
socks!! It is going fine now that the toe is established!!! I am also
finishing a baby blanket. Also going to cast on some mittens and baby
sweaters... Its getting cold and I really am feeling the knitting

Getting ready to move in a week or so.... Just down the road to a
little chalet on the rockland harbor. Its a bit set back from the
water, but still a great view!!! Very excited!! Woot!!!!

I am going to try and update the blog more often!! I am excited for
the packers Vikings game tonight and the twins and tigers game
tomorrow night!!!! Woooohhhhooooo!!!!!

For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your
eyes turned skyward; For there you have been and there you long to
return. ~Da Vinci

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WAAAaaayyyyy too long

How does there get to be such huge gaps in my posting? i think facebook takes over a bit with the updating.

Summer Summary:

I am dating a phenominal man, Jeremy. Here is our first camping trip.

We had a great time camping and have hiked all over Mid Coast Maine. I have had one of the best summers ever. He is truely a phenominal person and enhances my life in so many ways...

I have just recently got my knitting mojo back. It was a great summer and i spent so much time outside, i didn't have time to knit!! But it's getting chilly and I am knitting more and more. Starting to learn about socks and if I want to knit socks... I like it so far! :) We'll see. I'm gonna hit up the Knit Picks 40% off book sale... Got a great surprise in my paycheck and I'm gonna treat myself. it's been a hard summer financially, so I'm gonna get a little treat!! I'll try to update more often!!!