Tuesday, April 29, 2008

W3, D2!!!

So today I did Week 3, Day 2 of my couch to 5k adventure. On D1, I had to stop and walk for 10 seconds in the 2nd set of 3 min runs. Well, today I ran all the intervals... no walking, except when allowed for me!! I hope i can keep it up for next week and the 5 weeks after that.

Day 2 of recurrent training is done today and only 3 left... the next 3 are gonna be really boring... ick... only once a year, only once a year... I just keep telling myself that.

Below is a picture of Christiansted Harbour on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. I am feeling sentimental... i was lucky enough to live here a few years ago... I miss it... Isn't it gorgeous!?!?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yarn Thing! and Work=Boring

Today, work was boring... classroom work always is for me. I would rather be flying then sitting in a square room, listening to people yap all day.... Thank god i don't work in an office... ARGH! But anyway, I have the rest of this week to put up with that! Oh well, at least its just once a year or so.

The Yarn Thing is awesome!!! She has a hilarious podcast, which I highly recommend, and she is having a contest... go check her out! If you make it through more then 3 minutes without laughing out loud, then something is wrong with you!! She is a riot!!! Enjoy!! She is giving away all kinds of goodies!!!

Have a great Tuesday tomorrow.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pics and Week 3, Day 1 Couch 2 5k

So I did Week 3, Day 1 today of my Couch to 5k training... it went pretty well!! YEA!! It was run for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes and then do that whole thing again. I only had to stop once in the 2nd run and it was only for 10 seconds. So I was pretty jazzed!!! I'm off today and have ground school all of this week. So I should be in town, which is good and bad. I don't mind the travel too much, even though i complain alot... thanks for listening to that btw!! Below are some pics from my trip last week to Nogales, AZ. It was so pretty!!! :) I miss AZ... boo hoo! Hope you enjoy the pics... and have a great week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sad stuff...

So last week I went home to be with my mom while she put down our family dog.

This is Magic. She was a great dog. Mom said she can never have another dog, because you can't beat the best. She was there for us during all of our family trials... which there were many, severe and major and heartbreaking. She always knew when we needed to cuddle and pet her... she loved cheering us up!!

Whenever mom said she was going for a walk, Magic would jump up and down and bark and spin in circles... it was so funny!!!

Magic was very sick... she was 15 years old!!! She was always in pain and didn't eat of walk around much anymore... it was hard to let her go, but to see no pain in her eyes anymore was a relief. She is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us to join her!! We love and miss you MAGIC!!! MUAH!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crazy week!! Couch to 5k week 2!!

So for 3 days last week, all I did was sleep, eat and fly... not kidding... everytime we got were legal to fly there was a trip for us again... so we work, get to our destination, get dinner/breakfast/lunch, go sleep and do it all over again... I'm not complaining, but man does your whole schedule and everything get messed up.

We flew our last trip, on our way back to YIP(my home airport), leaving at 1 am and getting in at 1 pm... long day... then I slept for 17 hours, with a few wake-ups here and there. Man did I need that bad!!! I'm better now...

So yesterday, I did Week 2, Day 1 of my Couch to 5k adventure... definitely harder then week one, but that's the whole point right!? I am feeling better, my legs feel stronger, my breathing is getting better when I run and my back feels better...

My insurance only covers 24 visits to the chiropractor each year, so every 2 weeks, I was aching to go to the chiro.. well, now that I've been exercising very consistently for 3 weeks my back is much better and I'm on week 3 and I don't feel like I need to go yet. So i guess that is good progress... now if the scale will move and the clothes would fit better, I would be a little happier... I'm trying to recover from my biggest weight yo yo of my life, as most of you know... and I want to make it a permanent change(I know that sounds so cliche) but i really do. I hope you all a happy Sunday...

Check out this contest!

Only until 6 pm tonight... check it out!! Welcome summertime the right way!!!

Ice cream contest

Leave a comment and win ice cream!!!


(I just bought some from Schwan's yesterday... this way i could make my own! *grin*)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

C25k Week 1 Complete!!!!

So today I finished Day 3 of Week 1 of the Couch to 5k. It was a lot easier then the first 2. Start on Friday with Week 2. More and more running as the weeks go on. I ate ok today and feel good... now if the scale will just start reflecting my efforts.

Went to ate at the Texas Roadhouse tonight. Small steak, salad and steamed veggies... was really good. Here is a picture I took at the restaurant. Totally cracked me up!! bwahhhahahahahaha

Oh yea, I'm not in Texas anymore... Now I'm in Kansas... Wichita to be exact. El Paso, to Nogales, AZ to Wichita, KS. It's been super windy here, but mild temperature wise. Just found out I have a trip in the morning... Back to Texas. Dallas and El Paso. I have some awesome pics from Southern Arizona and stuff, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow... it will be an early morning. G'nite!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Couch to 5k

So, I have decided to get into shape... learn to like exercise... yea, easier said then done. I ran a 5k about 5 years ago and liked the challenge. There is a program called Couch to 5k. starts out with intervals... building up your endurance to run a 5k over 8 or 9 weeks. Well, I'm going to blog my journey.

Today was Week 1, Day 2. You walk for 5 min to warm up. Run for 60 seconds, walk for 90, over and over again... then walk 5 to cool down. It wasn't too bad. It was gorgeous down here in El Paso, so i ran outside... I love the desert!! LOVE THE DESERT!!!! So each day I'm going to blog about my journey. You do the same workout 3 times in a week. They slowly get harder, with longer running intervals and less walking intervals... I hope I can do it!! i hope it can also help me lose the weight I gained again... so depressing... but I'm being proactive about it and hope to see results... I know it's working, cuz my legs hurt!! Oh with the journey!!

Have I mentioned I love the desert?? I DO DO DO DO love the desert!

A day in El Paso...

So I got sent out on a trip last night to Louisville, KY and then non stop to El Paso, TX. We picked up a windshield for an Airbus for UPS in Louisville, to fix the one in El Paso. I got some great pics of the planes on the ramp!!

Big loves... we love big planes... I still feel like a kid in a candy store... we looked like small beans on this ramp!!

Here is our little plane next to 2 HUGE fuel trucks!!! Oh lord!! How embarassing!! Oh well!! I love thinking about working at UPS someday... Oh to dream...

We got in about 4 am Eastern time. I woke up and was putzing around on the internet when I hear this huge squeal and horns and tires screaming... and then the CRASH!!!!

Right out in front of my room on the road!! Turns out someone rearended another car, really bad. The car that hit the other car had 2 kids in it... No one went anywhere in an ambulance, so I think they were ok... all were buckled!! Here is a pic of the mess!!

Oh yea, it's 80 degree's here today... oh yea... I'll stay here for awhile... it's ok!! I'm happy with sun and heat!!! Will post again later on a different topic!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just had to share...


I saw this cartoon and just had to share!!!

Happy Sunday!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

T-storms and Kansas City

So I went on a trip the other day and ended in Kansas City, Missouri. We went from Detroit area to Tupolo, Mississippi then on to Kansas City. I managed to smash my hand into the Falcon and break my pinky finger... Didn't feel good.

Note to self: Don't smash hand into inanimate objects... The fingers don't appreciate it!!

Once we got to Kansas City, we stayed at the Chase Suite Hotel. Check out these pictures... this place was awesome and affordable(even though I wasn't paying).

So here is the living area. Fireplace with log, leather chair, flat screen on the wall and couch.

This is the "office" area. Desk, table with 3 chairs, there is a 1/2 bath around the corner, but look what comes out of the wall!!

A queen sized bed!! How cool is that!! I could throw a huge party with lots of fruity concoctions and lots of people could have a place to sleep... alas, I don't know anyone in KC.

Here is the full kitchen... with all accessories!!

Then!!! The upstairs is the full bathroom and a loft with a King size bed and tv. It was awesome!! If it was an apartment, I would rent it!! lol... too fun!!

Although the problem was of course, I get a trip back to D-town the next morning.. boo hiss on the trip.

But I did score this awesome video on the way from Laredo, TX to D-town... found out later, this was also major tornadic activity in the North Texas/Arkansas area. Hope everyone down there is ok. Awesome to look at, not good for those on the ground... mind you this level of activity went on for well over and hour and a half until we couldn't see it anymore.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whew, last one #1

So here is an additional video of Kelanie from my visit...

So Anne and Greg probably don't appreciate the fact that I was teaching Kelanie about body slamming... but it was so much fun. While I was there, we had another huge snow storm! What is up with the late season snow!?!?! We are done!! No one wants more snow!!! Go away!!!

I went over to my dad's house that night and spent time with Dad, Brother(not the one overseas, obviously) and Grandma and Grandpa. We watched the Twin's Season opener, in which they won!!! YEA!!! I am hoping to go to the Twin's/Tiger's game that is in Detroit on the 14th... here's to hoping I don't have to work!!

Tuesday, I went and met my oldest friend... by oldest I mean, the friend I've had the longest, not aged the oldest! We have been friends since we have been 13! Lots of years and lots of stuff that we have gone through together. We had lunch and spent a good part of the afternoon talking and catching up. Then I went shopping!! I bought some Twins paraphernalia so i can represent well at the game, 2 t-shirts and an SCSU visor. Went to Old Navy and got 5 shirts for about 35 bucks... gotta love clearances!! Then I went down to Becker to meet aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and spend the evening with them. It was really nice to see them all. Then I went back and spent the rest of the night with my mom... we didn't do much but we don't have to to enjoy each others company.

I spent the next morning packing a box to send... to MYSELF!! I now have in my possession, an XBOX 360, borrowed from my wonderful brother overseas. I have halo, halo 2, guitar hero and ROCK BAND!! Oh yea, I've been rockin out this week!! It's awesome!! I didn't bring the drums cuz they were really big. So I packed my box, along with some clothes and a lamp for my living room and went to Pierz to send it off. I met my grandparents that fly for lunch. Yea, we won't be going to Pierz for lunch anymore... i don't like that place. I was very anxious and uneasy the whole time. I don't like the town or any of the people in it really. But it was nice to see my g-parents and have lunch and chit chat. Then I sent my box(which got here in like 2 days) and went back to my mom's. I finished packing and my mom came home from work to take me to the airport. I flew out of St. Cloud, cuz it is soooo much easier. So I had to take out of my luggage: the guitar(for the video game that was poking out of my luggage), the xbox and my computer... they must have thought I was crazy! :) Oh well... I have it here!! I got home without incident and am now battling a nasty virus coming on. Rob had Laryngitis when I left and I am having all the same symptoms... so I am drinking lots of fluids, taking echinecea and hoping to kill the most of it... And I'm number one on the work board... sick and ready to work... that is my life... oh well!! I get to travel and have a great family and friend circle... I'll try not to complain too much! Have a great weekend!!

Trip to MN #2

So to continue the crazy weeklong journey I had..

Special note: Kathy and Gary were very concerned they had scared me off... well, let me tell you! You have not met my family!! Now they can scare people! Lots of them, they are very loud, loving and like to joke around... wanna talk about overwhelming people!!! They can do it. I did not blog after I was there because I was so busy in MN. I was only home for a couple of days and there is so much family to see, I was running around constantly. And I still managed to not see some family. Kathy and Gary: Please be assured that you have NOT scared me off... you better come up with something good to scare me away!! ha ha. They were wonderful hosts and i did have a great time. I wish Kathy wouldn't have starved me so much(hee hee, just kidding Kathy) She kept worrying that she was starving me... She made me PB and J!!! YUM!!! lol!! I also like to tease! *grin* The only thing that could have made it better is if my team would have won! Maybe next year!! Here are a few pics of Adam I didn't post on the other one...

Isn't he too cute!?!?!?!

So off to MN I go. Small jet, long flight... I slept! My cousin, H, picked me up and we went back to her house. My sister got off work a little while later and came down to meet us. My sister, S, just got a new job in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolis, on the north side, as an Assistant Store Manager with Walgreen's!! She is loving her job and kicking ass doing it!! I'm so proud(without sounding cheesy!). After my sister arrived, we went out to a little bar in the area... here is our self portrait!

S, H, and myself!

The next morning, S and I met my mom at S's apartment and went up north to where the rest of the family lives. I spent part of the afternoon with mom and then she had to go to school to get ready for the week. I went and visited my A. Kathi and U. Randy. I made my Aunt this and of course, forgot to take a picture!! i have a request in right now to have her send me a picture... I was so mad!!! But it was good to see them. I watched a little bit of another college hockey game and then went back to my mom's. On Monday, I went up and visited my Aunt Anne and my newest cousin, Lydia and big sister, Kelanie. Here are some pics and video's! Sorry, I can't figure out how to edit video, so there is stuff I wish I could cut out(the boring stuff)

Lydia(wearing Wendy's gift), with Mom Myself, Lydia and Kelanie

Here are a couple of video's of Kelanie... she wore me out... all she wanted to do was, "Let's run, Katie, let's run!" Wow... I don't know how Anne keeps up with her all day! I was beat!

I will put some more video's on the next blog... don't want to have too much in one... She is so cute!! Until the next post!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip to Albany, NY #3

I have had a crazy week!! I am going to do numerous blogs to catch up on everything!! This was a great visit. I had 2 reasons to go out to Albany. 1) My alma mater was playing some NCAA championship hockey there, GO St. Cloud State University!! 2) Our favorite Aunt Kathy lives there!!! So I flew out to Albany that morning from Detroit, which had gotten (hopefully it's last) a snowstorm the night before. I was almost an hour delayed out of Detroit due to deice and the line for deice. Due to the that, I missed the first flight to Albany by about 5 minutes! Oh shoot! I called Aunt Kathy and let her know the plan. Oh, the joys of flying Standby! I got on the flight to Albany about 2 hours later and arrived, safe and sound in Albany. I called Kathy to let her know I was there and she was on her way.

A few minutes later, I saw them drive by and waved them down. I met Kathy, her son and the infamous, ADAM!!! How smart and cute is he! We went to her house and hung out for awhile. Her husband works at the arena where I was going to watch the game, so I just rode with him to the arena. I feel like Cass would be proud me!! I stopped and bought 6 mini's or my favorite alcoholic drink to sneak into the game. Since it is a NCAA sanctioned event, alcohol can not be sold. Boo hiss to them. I bought myself a large diet Pepsi, mixed in the first 3 and enjoyed the first game.

Here is the national anthem... the whole crew ready to go.

Here they are on a TV time out... playing their hearts out...Here is our intermission entertainment... 2 people sumo wrestling on ice... Doesn't get much better then that!!

And here is the conclusion:
Yea, we lost... we have a horrible record in the national tourny... but here's to next year and getting the monkey off our back!!

Then I bought another Diet Pepsi and put in my other 3 treats... yea, I was feeling good. But I had a DD to take me back to Kathy's and it was really fun!! I think Cass would be proud of my sneaky ways of being able to get booze into a hockey game. Oh yea!!

Adam woke me up at the crack of dawn with a crowing rooster book... yea, wasn't ready for that!! Kathy and family were nice enough to let me stay with them... YEA for them!!!

On Saturday, Kathy, Adam, Kathy's sister(D), and D's daughter and I all went out! We went to AC Moore(shocking!) and then out to lunch. After that we went to D's house for a bit and played with those little beads that you make shapes with and then iron together... there was a small catastophe... see A. Kathy's blog. (Towards the end) I have mine around here.. I made a turtle... I just didn't take a picture of it! Thanks, H, for letting me play beads with you!! Then they took me to the airport and I made my way to MN to see family...