Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trip to MN #2

So to continue the crazy weeklong journey I had..

Special note: Kathy and Gary were very concerned they had scared me off... well, let me tell you! You have not met my family!! Now they can scare people! Lots of them, they are very loud, loving and like to joke around... wanna talk about overwhelming people!!! They can do it. I did not blog after I was there because I was so busy in MN. I was only home for a couple of days and there is so much family to see, I was running around constantly. And I still managed to not see some family. Kathy and Gary: Please be assured that you have NOT scared me off... you better come up with something good to scare me away!! ha ha. They were wonderful hosts and i did have a great time. I wish Kathy wouldn't have starved me so much(hee hee, just kidding Kathy) She kept worrying that she was starving me... She made me PB and J!!! YUM!!! lol!! I also like to tease! *grin* The only thing that could have made it better is if my team would have won! Maybe next year!! Here are a few pics of Adam I didn't post on the other one...

Isn't he too cute!?!?!?!

So off to MN I go. Small jet, long flight... I slept! My cousin, H, picked me up and we went back to her house. My sister got off work a little while later and came down to meet us. My sister, S, just got a new job in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolis, on the north side, as an Assistant Store Manager with Walgreen's!! She is loving her job and kicking ass doing it!! I'm so proud(without sounding cheesy!). After my sister arrived, we went out to a little bar in the area... here is our self portrait!

S, H, and myself!

The next morning, S and I met my mom at S's apartment and went up north to where the rest of the family lives. I spent part of the afternoon with mom and then she had to go to school to get ready for the week. I went and visited my A. Kathi and U. Randy. I made my Aunt this and of course, forgot to take a picture!! i have a request in right now to have her send me a picture... I was so mad!!! But it was good to see them. I watched a little bit of another college hockey game and then went back to my mom's. On Monday, I went up and visited my Aunt Anne and my newest cousin, Lydia and big sister, Kelanie. Here are some pics and video's! Sorry, I can't figure out how to edit video, so there is stuff I wish I could cut out(the boring stuff)

Lydia(wearing Wendy's gift), with Mom Myself, Lydia and Kelanie

Here are a couple of video's of Kelanie... she wore me out... all she wanted to do was, "Let's run, Katie, let's run!" Wow... I don't know how Anne keeps up with her all day! I was beat!

I will put some more video's on the next blog... don't want to have too much in one... She is so cute!! Until the next post!


Aunt Kathy said...

Body Slamming lol, Adam is still wanting to do that.

You got a couple good pictures of Adam. Can't wait until i get a new camera.

Looks like MN treated you well.

I am off to look at the next blog, LOL

kadezmom said...

Awwwwww. Those pics of everyone are so great....I'm friggin' tearing up and I do NOT do that! Glad you had a great time.

Now, get to bed, get some sleep and be prepared to cozy up to the couch and watch some racin' tomorrow!