Monday, April 14, 2008

A day in El Paso...

So I got sent out on a trip last night to Louisville, KY and then non stop to El Paso, TX. We picked up a windshield for an Airbus for UPS in Louisville, to fix the one in El Paso. I got some great pics of the planes on the ramp!!

Big loves... we love big planes... I still feel like a kid in a candy store... we looked like small beans on this ramp!!

Here is our little plane next to 2 HUGE fuel trucks!!! Oh lord!! How embarassing!! Oh well!! I love thinking about working at UPS someday... Oh to dream...

We got in about 4 am Eastern time. I woke up and was putzing around on the internet when I hear this huge squeal and horns and tires screaming... and then the CRASH!!!!

Right out in front of my room on the road!! Turns out someone rearended another car, really bad. The car that hit the other car had 2 kids in it... No one went anywhere in an ambulance, so I think they were ok... all were buckled!! Here is a pic of the mess!!

Oh yea, it's 80 degree's here today... oh yea... I'll stay here for awhile... it's ok!! I'm happy with sun and heat!!! Will post again later on a different topic!!

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