Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree!!!

So in the middle of a blizzard last Wednesday, we ventured out to cut down our Christmas tree.

To start with the roads were awful... but we jumped in jeremy's Expedition and off we went. About 3 miles down the road, we almost hit a moose... yep, a moose... we came about 4 feet from smacking his rear end!! But we missed him... we just could not stop on the slippery roads!!

We stopped at one tree farm that was closed, another that was a self serve with all little trees and no big trees and finally we got to Grants Tree Farm.

We grabbed a saw and out we went! Right off the bat we find an awesome tree, but we decide to keep on looking. So for about a half hour we tromp around in the snowy, windy, blizzard and we came right back to the same tree. Jeremy and I took turns cutting it down.

Then we threw it in the truck and headed to Walmart to finish buying a few decorations!

Snowy, wet but loving it!!!

We dried off the tree and proceeded to decorate!! Now we have a beautiful tree, and a very festive home!!! We have more decorations now, I'll have to post more pictures soon!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My new Venture!!

I have a new adventure in life... I am a Partylite Consultant!! I will be presenting shows to people and accepting online orders(those ship right to your home!!) Please go take a look and see why I'm so excited!!!

Katie O's Partylite Website!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trip to MN...

Here are a few pictures from Jeremy and I's trip to MN. We had a blast. We traveled Non-rev and the flights were great! We even got business class on Air Tran on the trip home. So cool! We were totally exhausted from all the running around and lack of sleep, but it was a great trip.

Poor Jeremy. He had to meet so many people and that was just my mom's half of the family. He met: Dad, Pat(brother), Pete(brother), Sara(sister), Mom, Grandparents(3 sets), 4 aunts and uncles, 4 cousins, and 2 second cousins... whew!!!

Jeremy, I and Mom's dog, Lily in front of my Mom's tree

Mom, Jeremy and I

Awesome light display. The helicopter's blades spin!!!

We landed in Boston, having missed the first snowfall!!

Back in RKD with snow everywhere!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meet the boyfriend weekend!!

We are currently in MN, meeting the family. Jeremy has met about half of the family and the rest today. He will have met most of my mothers family by tonight... He is a good sport, and charming everyone in path!!! Pictures to come!!