Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting my Own Business!!

So today it begins!! I am starting my own Partylite business. High quality candles, holders, wall sconces, etc. I had my kick off party today. Thanks to Maggie, Cokie, and Sonya for attending my party. And thanks to Mom, A. Kathi, Darlene and Kim for the outside orders. You can still take advantage of the cyber weekend sale until Monday night! You can help me continue my good start by placing an order. Orders will be here in time for Christmas for sure. I am accepting orders until Wednesday night for this show. After that, you can order directly from my website... i will post it here when I have it all set up and ready to accept orders. Here's how to order until Wednesday and help me out even more!!

1. Click on "Shop"

2. Click "Look up host"

3. Enter, "Katie Ol"

4. Click on Katie O. and then shop away!!

All orders credit to my party and my new business! Thanks for the support.