Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip to PHX

So I went to PHX for a few days to see my friends. I needed a little recharging while I am struggling with some things in my life. The first few pictures are from my visit with Daren and Jeanne and their 3 gorgeous kids; Sydnee, Dillen and Ethen. I have known this family for 7 years and watched these dolls grow up. Daren and Jeanne are 2 of the best friends of have...

From PHX visit February 2009

Here is a picture of Dillen, I and Ethen reading a bedtime story.

From PHX visit February 2009

Dillen, Daren, Sydnee, Katie, Jeanne, Ethen, one big happy family

From PHX visit February 2009

Sydnee, Katie, Ethen and Dillen taking a silly picture!

From Pics of me by Kris Commerford

A picture that Kris took of me near her house. ]

From Pics of me by Kris Commerford

Here's more of me!

From Pics of me by Kris Commerford

Me at the horsetrack... it was my first time and it was super fun!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fly West

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Pilots, Flight attendants and passengers aboard flight 3407 that was lost last night in Buffalo, New York. It hits close to home for me and my friends and family. It makes my family sad and nervous. They worry about me. I appreciate that, but I hate for it to put burden on them. God be with them all and lift them up. Give the families strength and peace.

if you have a few seconds, throw a prayer or good thought out to those in mourning today. They will appreciate the thought!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adventures in taking a taxi home...

So tonight I am heading home after a challenging day of flying in the rain... it really wasn't too bad, but it's been raining down here for 3 days straight and I'm ready to see some sun!!!! But anyway back to my story.

I grab a cab on the way home and it's only about a 5 minute ride and it's raining pretty hard. We are just coming down the ramp to leave the airport and the engine shuts off. Hmmmm.... weird. Well, the cabbie mutters something in spanish, that will not be repeated here in english(yea, i know the bad words!!! ha ha ha). He apologizes and makes a phone call. I simply smile and say it's ok. I know it sucks when your car breaks down, especially bad if its the vehicle by which you make a living, I can only imagine what he was feeling. So I wait for a few minutes while he makes some calls. Then he jumps out and flags down another taxi to take me home. I thank him and wish him "Bueno Suerte" (sorry if it's spelled wrong) But it means "good luck". The 2nd cabbie dropped me off at home and I ran to my apartment in the rain... sorry its not much more exciting, but I wanted to share that with you all...

And it's still raining! Here's to sunny skies tomorrow!