Friday, October 26, 2007

Moving... ARGH!

I hate moving. I hate packing... argh!!! but it happens and the new apt is much nicer and in a better complex with better advantages. Plus more room. I will save on rent and the fact I won't need my storage facility. So that's good.

I have been faithfully reading my friends blog and playing in her daily contest to win a 'surprise' box of knitting goodies!

I have also found a new blog contest, that is very inspirational and very nice to read. makes you thankful for things:

Not much else today. We are moving this weekend and that will suck... cuz moving does suck. Then on Monday I'm going to go meet a friend I know from one of my yahoo groups that lives in Michigan not far from me. It will get me out of Detroit and to a day of relaxing with her and her family and playing with her kids!! YEA!! I'm such a kid myself, we'll have lots of fun!!! :) Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Torturous Day at Work

So Wednesday and Thursday were crazy for work! I flew from Detroit, MI to Muskegon, MI(picked up freight) to Shreveport, LA(to clear customs) then to Saltillo, Mexico. Flying into Saltillo is awesome. Lots of mountains and the approach is a 12 mile arc with step down every few miles... so fun!! Anyway, unloaded our 100 lbs of freight. yep I flew all night from MI to Mexico for 100 lbs of freight!! Brake pads... guess they were really important!! So we got to bed around 330am in Laredo, TX. Good old Mariott... my home away from Detroit! Right at the time we got legal, we got another trip.

We were supposed to go from Laredo, TX to El Paso, TX to San Diego, CA to Amarillo, TX to Telladega, AL to Shreveport. So, still tired from the night before and having only got about 5 hours sleep(had to get up for free breakfast!!) we head for the airport. We fly to El Paso then onto San Diego. Well, we get to San Diego about 330p local time. Freight is late... SHOCKING!! So I play on Ravelry for awhile, talk on the phone, waste more time. Pretty soon it's 7 pm and they freight is at least 2 hours away yet!! ARGH!!! So now I need to sleep, cuz this is shaping up to be a 14 hour day!! Not cool! So my Captain and I crash in the tv room and try to sleep. Not working real well... kinda sucks. Company keeps calling us and asking us questions. Will we be able to get there? Are we tired? OF COURSE WE"RE TIRED!!! DUH!?!? dumb questions.

So at 950pm local time, the truck gets there... well that's great. Lets get this party over with and get to bed... not so much. We can't take off after 10pm in San Diego because of noise restrictions.... so we sat at the airport... all night... for nothing. Thank god in a lot of ways though... Got to go to bed. I did get some great pictures though...
Approach to San Diego over the cityAmerican Airlines on Approach with San Diego Skyline in the back
Southwest Airlines on AppoachJust the sky line of San DiegoThe nighttime skyline in San Diego

I hope everyone is having a good day... This afternoon they flew us from San Diego to El Paso, TX. Well here we sit in El Paso, waiting for some flying... argh... so here I post to try and burn some time! This isn't my plane today, but it's from one of the other times I flew into El Paso. 90 degree's and sunny!! :) Gotta love it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My swap exchange!

I completely forgot to post my wonderful gifts I got from my partners. Here's the first one:

What an awesome gift!! A dishcloth, point protectors for my needles, a small magnetic picture frame and matching post it notes!!

Here is the other one... 2 dishcloths, a book thong(like a bookmarker, but cooler) and some beautiful stitch markers.

Thank you to my partners, Joye and Debbie!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ah a trip home...

Just got back from 6 days back home to Mn to visit family and friends... how nice. Got to see lots of family and friends, relax, shoot some darts with my sister, brothers and dad... had a great lunch with my mom(I took her lunch at work), had breakfast with Grandparents, and spent an evening with my Aunt and Uncle. That amongst a lot of other running around and stuff. I also saw a homeopathic doctor which was interesting and I hope she can help me be more healthy. My overall health is good, just need a couple of boosts for vitamins, minerals and take care of a couple little things!! YEA! Now if I could just lose a few more pounds, I would reach my goal!!! It's taking forever with a few set backs. Oh well.. didn't go on overnight... it won't come off overnight!

Now I'm back in boring Detroit. But today is lots of Nascar Truck racing and Football to watch, thank goodness. Tomorrow will be more of the same. I've been bored so knitting has been keeping me busy until I fall asleep, because I get so bored. I'm the next one up for a trip at work and I'll get to fly with one of my good friends(Susan) so that should be fun, if I can get a trip someday!! I have some pics of stuff to share, but it will have to wait, cuz I left the camera in the car. Got some nice stuff from an exchange, which I'll share when i post pictures. I also just finished my first Grannie Square. I'm not a crocheter, so I'm very excited about that!! YEA!! It will go in the trash, cuz it's not good enough to use for anything, but it took me about an hour to do... had to frog it a couple of times. I'm pretty excited though... just another thing to burn time doing... it's all about filling my boredom around here... Maybe I can strike it rich!! ha ha... have a great afternoon. It's super hot in Michigan today... almost 86!!! Can't complain when its the beginning of October!!! :)