Tuesday, April 29, 2008

W3, D2!!!

So today I did Week 3, Day 2 of my couch to 5k adventure. On D1, I had to stop and walk for 10 seconds in the 2nd set of 3 min runs. Well, today I ran all the intervals... no walking, except when allowed for me!! I hope i can keep it up for next week and the 5 weeks after that.

Day 2 of recurrent training is done today and only 3 left... the next 3 are gonna be really boring... ick... only once a year, only once a year... I just keep telling myself that.

Below is a picture of Christiansted Harbour on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. I am feeling sentimental... i was lucky enough to live here a few years ago... I miss it... Isn't it gorgeous!?!?

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Wendy said...

You lucky booger...I did not know you lived there...YES it is beautiful....Hope you make it throught the rest of the week without pulling out your hair....