Thursday, May 1, 2008

W3, D3

Ok, so it was Day 3 of me learning to run a 5k!!! It was a rough day. It started out great... my first set was awesome... and then I had a hard time with my right leg during the last 3 min run. It was better then other days, but still very hard. I am moving on to Week 4 and hope it goes well... So I have 2 blog friends having contests...

1. A. Kathy is having her month long contest. All you have to do it read and comment on her blog, easy and very amusing!! Mention that I, Katie, sent ya!!

2. Cass is having a contest also... just answer her 5 questions, or one, it's really up to you and you are entered!!! Plus she is pretty damn funny!!!

Enjoy the contests... They are always fun!!!

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