Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Weekend in photos

So I got to meet Dana, from Loves Many cloths this past weekend. She was in Canton, MI for the World Bowling Championships. It's only like 10 min from my house! SO I went and watched them on Friday and Saturday. Saturday we went to Joann's, Michaels(they have never been to a michael's!!), JC Penny's and then hung out at the hotel. Dana pulled a muscle in her leg on Saturday. So we didn't do too much walking. Dana, I hope you leg is feeling better.

Here is Dana and the Team. Dana is the 3rd from the right. I think the names are as follows, left to right: christina, Dawn, Dana, Roxy, and Julie

Here is a picture of Dana and I!! GO TEAM!!!!

Here is a picture of Dana in action in the team event... GOOooo DANA!!!

Dana in action during the individual bowling event... Pretty in Pink

So it was a great weekend and it was great to meet all those wonderful women.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Hey Katie you look great too.

Hannah was asking when you were coming back the other day. You sure are missed around here.