Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to Australia, Day 1, Part 2 - I’m in Sydney, now what?

So it’s 7 am by the time I get through customs… now what? My flight doesn’t leave until noon… hmmm… so I pay $5 to take the airport shuttle to the domestic terminal. I wandered around there a bit and looked at all the shops. I found my gate, which was very close to the centre of the terminal. There was a sushi place in the food court that didn’t open until 9 am, so I had to burn some time. So I found an internet café and bought an hour and 20 min worth of internet time… checked email, sent email, cruised around a bit. It did burn some time, so that was really good. Then I went and wandered through the shops again and got some sushi. It was surprising. I got 4 rolls for $11. Not bad, but the tuna rolls were horrible!! I mean, they didn’t kill me, but it was tuna, from a can and missed with stuff!! They had Salmon!! Why not Tuna!?!? Odd… the salmon rolls are awesome and so were the Californian rolls. Oh well, now I know for next time! So I ate those, I was starving!

I sat around and played games on my phone for a bit… finally my flight was ready. So I wandered down to the gate and boarded a bus to take out to the plane. It was a Saab 340. I have been on those a million times. It was about 80 min up to Ballina, which is about a 40 min drive to Lismore. It was a very pretty flight right along the coast the whole way. I took tons of pics, which will be in the slideshow at the end of this blog. I landed and went to find Pat. He was stuck behind a moving truck going super slow and wasn’t sure where to find the airport… about 15 minutes later, he showed up! I hugged the crap outta him. It was so good to see him and his hair is getting so long! LOL! But we got in the car, We drove up to the beach in town and wandered around for a bit. The beach was so nice and smooth… no shells, just super smooth rocks and fine sand. Then we headed back to Lismore and his college. We went to the square and bought some groceries… we bought Tim Tams!! Someone in one of the groups was talking about them that they got in an exchange and if you read this, let me know… I will bring some back for you. They are so good. Tim Tams are cookies that are only sold in Australia and man are they delicious!! We also bought Crumpets… also super yummy.

Then we went back to the college and brought all the stuff upstairs. All the flatmates were at a pub crawl, so we just hung out for a few hours. They all got back and I met all the neighbors, friends, roommates, etc. They were all getting some food and heading out for a Saturday night. I was exhausted, so I bailed… I know, I know, pretty sad. But about an hour later, I started feeling really bad. So it was a good thing I stayed in. I needed to catch up on sleep anyway. I got up for a few hours when they got back from the pub and hung out.

First Day Slideshow

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Aunt Kathy said...

Sushi??? eweeee, just can't bring myself to even try it. I am so happy you got to go see Pat