Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip To Australia – May 25th and 26th

So we woke up at 10 am Sunday to go watch the Twins, Red Sox and Celtics play their Saturday night game(15 hour time change). So weird to get up the next morning to watch the night before’s game. Ha ha… but it was fun. About 10 of us were down at the Rec Center watching. The internet only works down there, so I am writing my blog as the days go, so they are ready to go on the blog when I get to check my email. Pat and I went up to the Worker’s Club to hang for a few hours. We drank a couple beers, played some Pokies(slot machines) and played some Keno. I came out about even and I think Pat came out ahead a bit. So that was fun.

Jackson came and picked us up and a bunch of people were going out to eat at the Chinese Buffet in town. It was strange because it was one little buffet of like 8 tubs… and then dessert… nothing like in the states where there are tons of choices, but it was surprisingly good! Not very greasy at all. They didn’t really have the greasy stuff, they had the broccoli beef and chicken and veggies and stuff. Then we came back watched some movies and I feel asleep! Lol! I went to bed and I guess the rest watched another movie and then went to bed.

26th - So today we woke up and watched some Nascar… I know, crazy!! But I got to see just the last few laps, which are the good ones anyway. Then we showered, Pat went to class and I went to Open Mic day at the UniBar. Unibar is the University sponsored bar… wish I woulda had one of those in college!! So I hung out with Pat’s mates and drank a few beers until about 530… Then we came back here and made some dinner. Steak, chips(fries), and mashed potatoes… Yum! Tomorrow we are renting a car and going up to Byron Bay(eastern most point of Australia) and Surfer’s Paradise… I’m so excited… Here are some pics from the Open Mic:


Aunt Kathy said...

Katie I love your hair all wavy, it loos so youthful and fun

Wendy said...

I am SO glad you are having a wonderful time...Miss you though