Saturday, May 31, 2008

Australia: Wednesday, May 28th

So, the next morning as we were waking up, the nasty biatch of a roommate woke up. She slammed her cupboard door, she slammed the bathroom door, she slammed the cupboards again and then slammed the door on the way out... which I thought was funny cuz both Pat and myself were already awake!! So if she was trying to piss us off, cuz we had some light in the room while we got our stuff out last night, it didn't work... and it prolly just made her more angry. LOL!! So pathetic, she was.

So we woke up and did not want to deal with her again, since she was soooo rude. So we went to the reception desk and spoke to Jodi about what happened. She said that she shouldn't have acted like that and if she didn't want roommates she should have a private room. And she said we shouldn't have to put with that. So she switched our room and we went to take our stuff upstairs. We met Joss and Michelle, our new roommates. *damn* just realized I forgot to take a picture of the 4 of us and a pic of our room... stupid! Shoot. They are both from the UK. Very fun, we hung out, chatted and ended up having dinner together later that night. Joss actually reminded me of an ex boyfriend... wow! I just kept staring because it was such a close resemblance!!

We were only going to spend Wednesday and Thursday and of course it rained... argh. I was going to take a surfing lesson with Pat, but due to it being sooo cold, we decided not too, plus the surf wasn't very good either. So went to the beach, picking up a Kebab on the way... They are burrito/gyro type foods... very good. I've had 3 since I've been here.

So yummy. So we chilled on the beach, got some souvenirs, and wandered back toward the hostel. We spent about an hour playing in the arcade... it was so fun. They had a open wheel racing game where the chairs actually shook and turned and sung around while you raced.... it was awesome!! Pat did some skate boarding game Pat and I also played a crazy version of pool... I will have to get the pictures ready cuz there is so much to share... Pictures coming soon!!! Ok, they are here!

We went back upstairs and spent some more time chatting with the roommates. They are so cool and have been traveling for months... I will rant about that in another post. I promise that too. We showered and went to get a couple of drinks... Joss and Michelle said they were gonna lay low for the night, so we said good night and went on... well, 10 minutes later, here comes Joss and Michelle, for a drink and some dinner. They are so great. We have all exchanged info and maybe someday I will make it to the UK to visit.

It rained most of the end of the day... from about 4 pm on... About 1230am, Joss said he was hungry, so Pat, Joss and I wandered out to get some food. Well, the choices were limited: Macca's (McDonald's), or a kebab... but it wasn't a good one.. prolly my least favorite one I've had. But it was food. We went and watched a bit of cricket on tv and then decided to go to sleep. It had been a long, fun, relaxing day in a beach town!


Aunt Kathy said...

Katie sounds like you are having a blast. I want those pictures, hurry up. LOL

The Jillybean said...

OHHH, I can't wait to see TONS of pictures!