Monday, June 2, 2008

Australia: May 29th

Today we left Surfer's Paradise. We went to Byron bay, which is very cool. Wish we would have had one more day to play around... except it was still raining. Stupid rain. We drove down to Byron and went up to the light house... gives a beautiful view of Byron Bay. Plus it is the head of the trail that takes you to the Easternmost point of Australia... I have been to the Eastern most point of the USA, down on St. Croix, so now I have 2 countries taken care of!!! Sweet!!! I will finally start adding some pictures now that I have access to the computer and can really start to add a ton...

Here is a slideshow of the Lighthouse and Eastern Point:

We wandered around Byron for just a few minutes, cuz we had to get the rental car back.So w e stopped and got the most amazing Kebab ever... it had Lamb and Tziki(greek yogurt, mint, cucumber and garlic) sauce. Oh so yummy... I should open a Kebab shop here... I think it would be a hit. They are pretty healthy, I think, but they are super yummy. We bought a few souveniers and headed back to Lismore. Jackson picked us up at the rental car place and went back to the college.

Well, Thursday night is the big party night on campus, just like every college in America too. So the Unibar(University sponsored bar, which my college didn't have), has a huge dance floor with bands and huge area to sit and talk under a big cover(which was good cuz it was raining still). Well, we started pregaming(drinking before going to the bar so it's not as expensive) at 7 pm... I don't start drinking that early, I haven't since college!!! But I did as it was my only night to really REALLY do it up with my brother. We started by playing Jenga... which I didn't know you could make into a drinking game, but leave it to college students!! You write different things on the Jenga blocks(give 2, take 2, boys drink, girls drink, skull or slam your drink, etc) Then we wandered around campus and popped in on a bunch of Pat's friends. Some(about 20) were playing flip cup(just another drinking game).

Then we went to the Unibar about 10p. I hung out with Abby and Alex mostly, but wandered around a lot and chatted with bunches of people. Abby is from UMass - Amherst and Alex is her friend out visiting. They are both super cool. There were 3 good bands, lots of people to talk to, beers to drink and lots of conversation. I really had a great time. The hill that goes up to the dorms is a bitch... ridiculous really. Unlike any hills I have climbed before except for hills in AZ that I climbed... A picture doesn't do any justice to the evil this hill is.

So at the end of the night, 2 of Pats other friends had gotten a cab and wanted to split... so we split from the Unibar and took the cab home... about 10 bucks between the 4 of us. Not bad at all. We made some snacks, watched some South Park and went to sleep. Oh, what a great day!! So much fun.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh to be young and healthy again. To travel and just enjoy life. I am living through you katie so you best just keep having these wonderful trips.

Australia is beautiful