Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Australia: May 30th

We all started rolling out of bed at about 10 am the next morning. We were all a bit tired but no worse for the wear really. Pat didn't get up til about 1 pm, so I hung out with Abby, Alex, Jackson, Arlo and Romiero. We made brekky(breakfast) and sat around. Pat had a bunch of errands and stuff to get done before he left for Cairns on Saturday and I also was leaving for Sydney on Saturday. I went down, checked my email, and generally just putzed around. We went and got some KFC for dinner and I bought some treats to bring back. I brought back 3 packs of Tim Tams(unbelievable cookies) and some Mi Goreng(like Raman noodles but better). We watched a few movies and some South Park.

I also started on the packing... I had lots of souveniers: 2 masks(one for pat and one for me), lots of postcards, shot glasses, a lighter for a friend, etc. So add that to all my other crap and I was packing tight. We didn't go to bed until like 1 or 2 am, of course. Pat and I are both night owls.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Well I'd say sleeping until 10am would make a person a night owl, lol, No sleeping in around here lol