Saturday, October 3, 2009

WAAAaaayyyyy too long

How does there get to be such huge gaps in my posting? i think facebook takes over a bit with the updating.

Summer Summary:

I am dating a phenominal man, Jeremy. Here is our first camping trip.

We had a great time camping and have hiked all over Mid Coast Maine. I have had one of the best summers ever. He is truely a phenominal person and enhances my life in so many ways...

I have just recently got my knitting mojo back. It was a great summer and i spent so much time outside, i didn't have time to knit!! But it's getting chilly and I am knitting more and more. Starting to learn about socks and if I want to knit socks... I like it so far! :) We'll see. I'm gonna hit up the Knit Picks 40% off book sale... Got a great surprise in my paycheck and I'm gonna treat myself. it's been a hard summer financially, so I'm gonna get a little treat!! I'll try to update more often!!!

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Kris said...

So cute and cuddly, huggin' in the hammock.