Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Wow! Has it been a month since I posted!?!?!? YIKES!! I have all these pictures and stories and I keep thinking, "I gotta blog"... and I forget or too long goes by and I don't think it's important anymore... but I guess we'll see. I will try harder to blog about my stuff. But

Merry Christmas
from Puerto Rico!!

It's a little hard to tell its Christmas down here... just some Christmas lights around and people saying happy holidays... or Feliz Navidad! 2 of the roommates are working and the other is off, so we might hit the beach... the beach on Christmas... that I like.

But there is a small(very very small) part of me that misses a snowy Christmas. As much I don't like the cold, snow on Christmas is a very magical thing.

On another note, my mom is trying to travel standby to see me... and it's proving to be challenging. We knew it was going to be, but not this much. So send out some happy travel thoughts for my mom in Minneapolis... it'd be good to see her. Merry Christmas everyone!!


Aunt Kathy said...

Katie I hope your mom gets there for your Christmas Wish. I wish I was on the beach with you right now. I have the snow, but there is a real CHILL in the air, not weather related though.

Merry Christmas my friend

Wendy said...

I pray your mom made it....I so want you to have her there with you ON Christmas.......