Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow, Madness.

So to sum up and lead into the madness:

July 21st: Terminated from USA Jet with 30 other pilots.

August 24th: Back on the Cape to retrain with Cape Air

October 25th: Back to Detroit to pack

October 26th: Decided to crash pad out my apartment(to friends at USA Jet) so my stuff stayed safe, cheaper then putting it into storage and rent went down with a new lease(not signed yet)

October 30th, 10 am: Crash pad friends all got laid off from USA Jet. Panic sets in. 36 hours to pack and move a 2 bedroom apartment!! YIKES!!

That where madness became insanity. 2 people, packing like crazy, no help cuz they all lost their jobs. find a moving truck, find a storage unit, help!! Was supposed to leave for San Juan on Saturday! Nope! Left on Monday... everything was finished by 5 pm on Saturday, cleaned, garbage thrown away, storage unit packed to the gills and out of Detroit I went! jeez... it was awful. I hurt in places I didn't know I had muscles. My hands and feet are still swollen... pulling my luggage through the airport was like needles in my palm.

But now I am here... I'm in San Juan and it is surreal. I already did this. I already lived in the caribbean and it was miserable. Expensive, humid, I don't speak spanish(yet) and no car... I'm now a bus rat. And that's ok, just gonna take some getting used to. Plus the bus doesn't really run on a schedule... just whenever it happens to come by! argh! But I'm excited about beaches, snorkeling, fruity concoctions to be drank while on the beach, and learning spanish! Plus I love the rampies and people down here that I got to work with this summer up north, so that will be great.

Sorry, that was complete ramble... feel free to ask questions if it doesn't make sense because that is entirely possible!!

Wendy - I'm so sorry i didn't get to come visit. My intention was on Friday or Saturday and well, the last minute move kinda f'ed that up. I will be back in the area and we will have some dinner together! :)

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kadezmom said...

Katie, you always land on your feet. hang in there, I have a sneaky suspicion that it's going to be much better this time!