Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long time gone....

Well, lets see if we can sum up the last month. I got back from Australia and spent a lot of time enjoying the summer in Detroit area. Spent 4th of July in Kansas City for work.

That weekend one of my company planes crashed in Saltillo, mexico. The Captain died and the First Officer is still recovering. It was really hard to see my company plane crashed and basically burned to nothing... makes you really think about your job and what you do. His services were on the 18th of July. Our company sent down a DC-9 full of employee's, with all the pilots in full uniform. It is the 2nd person in a month that I've lost to a plane crash... been a little rough mentally.

Well, I was flying quite a bit, easy trips mostly to Kansas City. Gets a little boring, but at least we know what we are doing.

The came Monday.... One picture is all it takes:

Yep, let me join the ranks of the unemployed. Calling today and filing for unemployment was so dehumanizing. I don't wanna file unemployment. I wanna be sitting on call, bitching about my pager!!! But no, I sit here bitching about unemployment and the fact that I have no job in a nasty job market. I just want my job back. I was part of a "reduction of workforce". fuck that. They completely eliminated my airplane. "too expensive to operate" Bull. The damn board of directors is greedy and eliminating 40 people saved them that much each year so they have more in their pocket. If they just cut the upper management's pay by 5% it prolly would have had the same effect... except I'd still have a job. It probably means I'll be moving. not to many jobs in Detroit or any of Michigan for that matter. Hopefully try to get out west. Guess we'll see... send some happy thoughts my way... they should help.

2008 needs to be over. Its been a rough year. Ready to start over again...


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Katie, I am so sorry to hear this. I know how much you love to fly. There has to be a better job out there for you with a better airline/company and when these guys realize what they lost and want you back you can tell them what you really think.

And I am so sorry too about losing your friends this has not been a good month.

I am here anytime if you need to talk, OK.

Marilyn, Paul, PJ, Chris & Lauren said...

Hey stranger. Sorry you are having a rough go of it right now. But girlfriend, there's always room for you on the Ack Air couch!

Hang in there,
there are heaps of people who love ya!


Pooch said...

So sorry, Katie! I hope a door of options opens for you. A friend lost his job with United a few years ago. He now flies for FedEx. Hoping you find something soon!