Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh How Things Have Evolved.

Well, My Honey is doing great in training and is almost graduated from his second phase and ready to start the actual work(not that hours of PT and endless studying isn't work). I have been busy with my work and am so glad that summer has arrived in Maine. Winter is very brutal up here and the short days are killer.

I have started gardening and here is some evidence!
There are many more pots that are growing but I don't have that much patience to show them all.

Here is Jeremy and I at his graduation... Aren't we just fantastic together?? I sure think so! I can't wait for him to get back to Maine... still have some time left down south, but he will be here before I know it :)

I will spend time down there this summer and some in Maine. I have a good schedule now for summer, so i will be really enjoying the travel and the time with Jeremy. Woo Hoo!!

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