Friday, January 23, 2009

The sister has arrived!

So my sister came in yesterday and it has been fun so far. I was done with work, got to meet her at the gate and took her to see my apartment. She hadn't got much sleep, so we ate something and she took a short nap. Some friends of mine from puerto rico and work invited to hang out at their house, so we did that until the weee hours of the morning. But we had a blast.

It was a good first day to her vacation. I'll update again later today with some more stories and pictures!!! I love my sis and love having her here. (Plus she isn't missing the cold of MN much right now either!!!)
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kadezmom said...

Whhoooooo hooooo...but tell her she really didnt' have to leave this artic blast in her wake.

Have a blast!!!!!

Wendy said...

Have a wonderful safe and have lots and lots of fun...........send a little warmth this way to PLEASE....I am sooooo cold.......

Aunt Kathy said...

Remember Katie I am your new adopted sister, I could really use a beach side vacation

Have fun without me, {{smile}}