Monday, August 6, 2007

Another crazy day!!

So there is nothing like sitting at home @ 12:50 am and the pager goes off... now your 14 hour day begins(ok so it won't be that bad today). Quickly get dressed, finish packing and head out the door. Show up at 1:30am, wait for the freight to show up.... and wait.... and wait... Ok, now it's 430am and the freight has arrived. Now its raining and its time to load. Almost 4,000 lbs of greasy, gooky(if that's a word) parts for GM Transmissions that need to go to a plant in Buffalo, NY so they don't have to shut down their plant! Easy flight to Buffalo, easy off load, and have to wait 25 minutes for a clearance back because the computers are messing up. Ok, now we can go. On our way, yea! Finally back to YIP(Detroit area). Ah now it's 730 am, the sun is up, its just a bit foggy. Time to go to bed, yea right, if only I could wind down. Ok, 930 am, time to sleep.... finally. Wake up around 5pm, what a weird life. But it's exciting and fun and I wouldn't trade it right now. Keeps me on my toes:) Thanks for reading the rant today. Sometimes you just need to type it out!

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