Thursday, August 23, 2007

Been a long time...

Wow, I had no idea that it had been so long since I posted. I have been super busy with work, which is always good and it leads to less boredom. I went to the Nascar race in Michigan last weekend. We also camped out there. Well, it rained starting Saturday night and didn't quit until they ran the race on Tuesday... so camping was a bit wet and miserable at times. But we met some really awesome neighbors at the campground who really made the weekend worth it. I did get to see my first race which was really fun. It was a bit of a boring race, with only a few cautions... but I did get to see Jeff Gordon spin right in front of me while I stood at the rail. Amazing the wind those cars put off while they do 200 mph down the front stretch. It was cool. Anyway, here I sit in Laredo, TX after a long day of flying. Detroit to Akron-Canton to Greensboro, NC to Shreveport, LA to Zacatecas, Mexico(no hurricane, thank goodness!) back to Laredo, TX. Not too bad... Laredo's Fairfield in is my home away from home.

I will be going visit my family in MN next week, which will be nice. Actually have a little time to visit everyone instead of running like crazy... well, I'll still probably do that, but at least I'll have more time. Anyway, here is another thing I made a few years ago. I have a bunch more projects, but no pics yet!!


kadezmom said...

Love the afgan! Wow. I'm glad I wasn't traveling with you.....blech. That's more ups and downs than I do in a decade! Where's your family?

Aunt Kathy said...

Katie I have friends that live in Shreveport LA, wish I was able to go there with you.

Is that a normal flying day for you? Wow, what a job.