Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ah the Sunshine to come... and lots of other stuff

Well, I was supposed to go see Wendy on Sunday and spend the day up there for Brooke's birthday, but between the crappy freezing rain, Brooke being sick and me not feeling super well, I decided not to travel the distance up to Attica. But I am leaving in the morning to go to Phoenix. Ah, Phoenix, my heart is always there. Even though it has changed so much down there, I still love it.

I moved down there and made some of the best, life long friends ever. A lot of them don't live there anymore... this business does that to us. It brings us together, we study, we hang out, we relax, we have a party once and a while, we depend on each other for a lot. Friendship, family, love and support... and then we start moving on to chase our careers. It moves us all over the country. PA, WI, NY, IL, MI, AZ, CA, MN, SD, TX, etc. We are scattered all over the country. But our love of flying and chasing the endless carrot that is aviation keeps us connected. I still talk to so many and miss them all dearly. Even though Phx is changed, it is still the place that makes me happy and realxed.

I got down here today and it was warm... I love it. It's middle of February and it's 65 degree's and perfect. No heat on in the car, no warming it up... I actually had the AC on for a few minutes today in the car! Duh?! Roll down the window. ha ha, goofy me. I went out to dinner with Kris and Jen and then to meet a couple more friends for a beer. It started storming, so I missed out on the total lunar eclipse... in AZ!! The land where it hardly ever is cloudy!! HA ha ha. I love Thunderstorms. I don't like flying in them but I love them in general. Rain, Lightening, Thunder, AWESOME!!! Nothing like a good winter Thunderstorm. Better then Thunder Snow!! That sucks, because that means it's cold if there is snow!!

I also found out tonight that I won a contest! I am in a swap and we have weekly assignments to post to our blog! Well, I won! I think it is stitch markers, but I'm not sure... I guess I'll know when I get my surprise bonus package!! WEEHHEEE!! Thanks ladies!!


To finish off my night, I am feeling better. My ear was clogged up bad today after the flight, so I took some meds and that has helped. But I'm feeling ok and just as I was getting ready to go to bed, my phone rings with a weird number. My brother, Pat, has been in Australia for a few weeks and I've been missing him like crazy. Well, yep you guessed it! It was him!! He is loving it over there. He starts class on Monday, did his registration today and the campus was throwing a huge on campus party tonight, so he had all kinds of friends at his apartment type dormitory. He was telling me about how not to talk! It's a soft drink, not soda or pop. It's a sausage, not a hot dog, etc! It was oh too funny!! He has some great 'mates'(not friends) already and has spent his last few days chillin on the beach and learning to surf!! I'm so jealous. I really hope I can find a way to get over to him. It would be great.

With that, I am severely sleep deprived and need to crash, cuz the cold meds are kicking in and I'm fading fast. Hope you are all well and warm where you are...


Dorothy said...

Congrats on your dishcloth win!

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow Australia... wow Mate that would be hmm what's that word Crocodile Dundee always says... Crimey I can't think of it. LOL

Glad you are feeling better and hope you got some good sleep, that's what I need for sure.