Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekly Topic #4

So here I sit, still in El Paso, TX. At least the sun shines every day and it has been in the upper 60's/low 70's. It has helped me come out of my duldrum's... I hate the cloudy weather and no sun. That is why I loved Arizona. Sun every day of the year. It was awesome. I love that place. This leads me to my weekly topic:

"Defeat the Winter Doldrums!" For some of us, we get the doldrums and others don't. For the ones who get doldrums, what helps you get rid of them? For the ones who don't get the doldrums, what helps you keep them away?

I didn't think I would get them again, but this is my first winter in a place that gets a real winter in a long time. I don't like it. I like sun. Not for tanning, just for my mood. I never realized how much the sun, or lack there of, affects my mood. I have been in Texas for 3 days and my mood is much better all ready. Sunny every day!! NO CLOUDS!!! See previous posts for a picture of El Paso when I first got here.

My sister suggested a tanning bed(I think it was her). Again, not for the tan, but for the feeling of sun and to help boost mood. I might have to try it. but being down here has helped the mood a ton... hopefully I can carry that when I go back to Michigan. I know I am lucky and get the opportunity to travel for work. Sometimes we go to cool places(San Diego) and not so cool places(Harlingen, TX), but El Paso isn't too bad. The hotel is good to us, food and stores within walking distance and it's SUNNY!!!!

So today we decide we are gonna get a ride to Barnes and Nobel. Sweet! I have an awesome gift cert. and I wanna spend some. So 2 hours and 2 books later, we are ready to leave(we=work people in el paso also). They decide we are gonna walk back... 4+ miles later and almost an hour and a half later, we are back! whew!! It was gorgeous out, so it wasn't too bad, but wow, they were walking at a good clip! Then tonight we got a ride to get dinner and they decide we are gonna walk back again!! prolly about a mile this time. Much harder then the tread mill.. maybe I'll have to start huffing it outside!! But I can't slack on the treadmill... keeps my speed up, cuz i don't wanna look like a baby and walk slow!! Ha ha... we'll see what tomorrow brings!


Wendy said...

bottle some of that sun for me....I need a happy light like Shelly...It figures we have not had this much snow in years, put together at that....It is like when I was younger and we could truely call Michigan the Winter Wonderland....snowmobile owners are just loving it, they can actually stay home and use their sled and not have to venture all the way to the U.P.

Like I said earlier, DO NOT come home tomorrow.....It is bad enough I have to suffer the COLD, it would be totally wrong for you to have to go thru that after such awesome weather....
BRR shivering just thinking about what tomorrow brings

kadezmom said...

Heeeeeey, that was my solution....go get yourself a happy light. They just rock.

Enjoy the sun and fun while you can!

What books did you get?