Saturday, March 1, 2008

Memphis, Freight and Blizzards, OH MY

So as previously posted, I was in Memphis. On Wednesday night, I went to Marlowe's with my first officer. The cool thing is they pick you up in a pink Caddy! Check it out!!!

They have some pretty good BBQ, which is super good in Memphis. I'm sorry but the north just doesn't do bbq, like the south does!! I love doing down south, they cook some mean bbq!!

Well, on Thursday night, I put on my pj's, shut off the lights and was just getting ready to go to sleep... *do, do, do, do ,do* (that is my pager going off) I get up at 1250am and call work. Trip to Kansas City, up to Pontiac, MI and then back to Willow Run. So off we go. The bad part is that the reason we got stuck in Memphis for 4 days to begin with is a Blizzard in Detroit area. Guess what?? One was moving in... AGAIN!!! So we moved as quickly and as safely as possible. I flew my second trip as Captain, which was really cool. :) I flew the first leg to Kansas City and picked up 3 boxes(all of 120 pounds worth) of wiring harness'. The first officer flew the next leg into Pontiac. We got there as the snow started to fall, that was at about 630 am.

We threw the freight into the waiting truck(after i went and pounded on his window, twice, to wake him up, he must have been sleepy) I wasn't screwing around. I wanted out of there before the blizzard hit!! So we head for Willow Run... at 3000 feet and it's only about a 15 minute flight. The weather dropped quickly. It went from pretty good to pretty shitty really quickly!!! I was flying and the first officer was getting weather and talking to approach, etc. We got in and the weather was blowing!! There were drifts on the runway, so the braking action was fair. Yes, fair is how we rate braking action: Good, Fair, Poor and Nil... Nil is NOT good!!! We don't even try that stuff. So here is what the tower looked like from my airplane when we got on the ground...
We landed at about 745am. Talk about a long night! By the time i finished paperwork and headed home and went to bed it was about 930am... talk about screwing up your sleep schedule!

Yea, it sure wasn't cool!! Well, it was cold, but not great. Although, it is a super adrenaline rush to fly into an airport in crappy weather, coming off your first trip and getting it on the ground safely and efficiently!!! We love our jobs cuz we like the rush! That is a reason we are pilots. My mom hates to hear my stories sometime. Maybe I'll do a series of my favorite stories from flying sometime. Some scary(even for me) and some just plain old fun.


knottykitty said...

I can see why your mom hates your work stories! OMG--your job is WAY too adventurous for me! You are quite the brave one!

Aunt Kathy said...

Katie, again you are much braver then me. I walked into church the long way around just cause there was snow and ice on about a 4' stretch of sidewalk I wanted to avoid. I am such a scardy cat, LOL