Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I had my first etsy sale last night!!! Wendy has had a few of her things sell, but this is my first... This is what I sent out to Colorado!

I was so excited... I was jumping around!! I ran around and got it packaged up last night and put it in the mail box last night. They are safely on their way to Colorado, to their new owner!! I hope she loves them. She said she might be interested in ordering more, so I am on a stitch marker making mad rush!! YEA!!!

I am also hoping to get out to Albany, New York tomorrow to see my St. Cloud State Huskies play in the National Hockey Tournament. GO HUSKIES!!! I will be meeting our beloved Aunt Kathy.

I really hope it works out and the flights are good so I can get there... I am so excited!! YEA!!


Mary Ann said...

Congradulations on your sale! How exciting for you. Aunt Kathy told me that I should put my fingerless mitts on an esty account, but I havent' done it.

How great that you'll be going to Albany! And seeing Kathy is icing on the cake! Please don't catch what she's got! My cousin lives up in that area somewhere, but I can't remember where without looking it up.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah, I was like that too with my first Etsy sale. It's amazing how something so simple can get us so excited.

I hope you can get the flight. I'm actually looking forward to it now.

Who cares if I need a house scrubbing, we are gonna be knitting anyway. LOL

Pooch said...

I'm so looking forward to receiving the stitch markers this week. Also, looking forward to the next dozen I plan to buy when they're ready.

So pretty!


Wendy said...

You've been tagged....check out my blog for details